Monday, June 1, 2015

Clara's latest trick

Last Friday Brandon and I attended our monthly (mandatory) parent training at Clara's school. This one hour hands-on training usually consists of the staff showing us what they have been working on with our girl, and then giving us a chance to practice those same tasks, so that we are able to work with her effectively at home. Last week we practiced training Clara in PECS and a few other things, and then they decided to take her to the playground to let her swing for a few minutes. I assumed this meant that her teacher would put Clara in her lap and they would swing together, since the school does not have bucket swings.

I could not have been more wrong! 

We were both blown away to see this. . . 

There are just so many elements here that make (what one might assume to be) a seemingly simple task, such an amazing accomplishment for Clara.  Que all the mama emotions and tears. . . 

And then to end the weekend, we decided to see if she could replicate this task at home. She did so with ease and a huge smile.

And yes, she is wearing the same t-shirt because laundry is overrated. Also, you might note that she is sporting some super short shorts. Maybe I should break down and buy her some that actually fit?

So proud of her I could just burst! 


  1. So exciting!! And her smile just shows how much she loves it. :)

  2. That is SO awesome!!! Way to go, Clara!! And rock those short-shorts while you have the legs for it!! ;)

  3. You go, Clara! So proud of her for all her hard work!

  4. That brings tears to my I know it does yours!!! So proud of her new trick, and that smile on her face says it all! Way to go Clara! And love the daisy dukes! ;)

  5. Love!! Such a big accomplishment for youriffle angel baby! And ditto on the shorts. My mom popped in today as we were leaving and noticed how tiny my girls shorts were. When we returned new shorts were on my dining room table! 😄

  6. Yay Clara! I'm so impressed and can't wait to see what other tricks she learns!


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