Saturday, May 21, 2011

Why a Blog?

If I was to rewind ten years ago I would never have fathomed the journey I would walk. I would have never fathomed that I would have moved to the Mid West to pursue a master’s decree in social work at a school that tested my character and faith in God. I would have never fathomed that during that year and a half in Missouri I would have start to lose weight as a way to cope with the stress of assignments and never ending to do lists. I would have never fathomed that the weight loss would soon manifest into a full on battle with anorexia. I would have never thought that I would (or could) work so hard to restrict my food intake in an effort to control my life and "validate" myself as a young adult woman. I would have called you crazy if you said my honeymoon would be wasted by unhealthy thoughts and guilt from eating a slice of chocolate cake with my new (and amazing!) husband. 

If you would have predicted that I would dwindle my way down to 89 pounds all the while feeling a rush of achievement and accomplishment, I would have called you crazy. I would have never fathomed that God would eventually use a natural disaster to get my attention. And I would have never fathomed that now, as a new and recovered woman, I would be walking the road of infertility. Yet without walking this long and winding road, 
I would never know the feeling of TRUE JOY, a RENEWED JOY, and a peace that comes with just being ME

I want to use this blog as a way to journal my thoughts, emotions and insights as it relates to my journey – from losing my biological mother to Lupus, anorexia and recovery, to infertility and beyond. I hope to also provide some encouragement along the way for those who can relate to these same struggles. And ya know - If anything random pops into my mind I will throw that in too!! Life is about building relationships and learning from one another. Why else would God have put us on this earth together? I hope you join me for the ride. Britt. 
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