Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Make New Friends, but Keep The Old

This past weekend we got together with five (out of six!) of our closest college friends (well, couple friends I guess I should say).

Including my little family, that's seven families total, 15 kids, plus a few babies who were born straight to Jesus.

When we graduated college in 2005, we made a vow to keep our friendships alive and active, and thankfully, have been keeping our relationships a priority, attempting to get together every few years, even after adding children to the mix.

It's not easy, and not everyone can make it every time (Alli, we missed you!), but overall commitment is strong. What a gift.

We gathered at Trinity Pines Retreat Center, a bit north of Houston, and shared an 11 room cabin. The weather was gorgeous, and the kids enjoyed running around outdoors for hours, getting dirty, and eating way too much junk. Once the kids got in bed for the night, the adults hung out in the main living area and stayed up waaaay too late. #worthit

A few pictures from our fun, family-filled weekend (in no particular order, because I'm feeling a bit lazy, and nap-time is only so long. Ahem.). . .

We had no idea how Clara would sleep (she can hardly sleep away from the house anymore and has long outgrown a pack and play) and we were highly considering just going up and back on Saturday. Until Brandon had the BRILLIANT idea to try a camping tent. Worked like a charm. And yes we brought a blow up mattress. And her ginormous teddy bear. Because special needs kids require consistently.

#winning . . .

Channeling his inner 80's camp counselor . . .

Love these people and love that we can pick back up, right where we left off, as if not one second has passed.

Can't wait until our next family retreat!
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