Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Greater than our hearts

The heart. . .

The heart is a vital muscle that contracts regularly, pumping blood to the body and the lungs. If I really stop and think about this process and how miraculous it really is, I am a little taken back. Here you have a muscle that works endlessly behind the scenes, on my behalf, beating and pumping and repeating its cycle to keep me alive day after day after day.

The heart also has the ability to fall prey to stress, periods of unrest, disease (both literally and figuratively) and trauma. Emotions come and go from this beating muscular organ and I sometimes "feel in my heart" that God is leading me down one path or another, which if lead by the Holy Spirit, is a very positive thing. Yet I also sometimes "feel in my heart" that I know what I need to make me happy, or make life better, or make life easier, and then petition God for the things because surely once x, y, or z is attained my heart will be at rest once and for all.

I was reading in I John a few days ago and came across verse 3:20 which says,

Then this is how we know we belong to the truth, and how we set our hearts at rest in his presence, whenever our hearts condemn us. For God is greater than our hearts, and he knows everything.

God is greater than our hearts.

Because God knows everything.

If I believe these two truths for what they are then suddenly I can experience peace and rest, regardless if He chooses to answer yes to what "I feel in my heart" is the best plan for my life in any given situation. I can be at peace and rest even if He gives me a no, or a not now. Because He is all powerful and all knowing and His way is greater than what my heart is feeling.

God is greater than our hearts.

Because God knows everything.

Like any other Biblical truth, applying this to my life is easier said than done some days, especially when pain is fresh, questions unanswered, or when confusion or sadness is at an all time high. But if I keep giving him my heart, little by little, eventually He will have the whole thing. And if He has the whole thing, and not just a portion, peace and rest will surely follow, regardless of where my journey leads. And to experience continual peace and rest in the midst of life's continual ups and downs? That right there is a pretty powerful promise. One that I want to fully embrace and claim as my own.

So this is what I am meditating on today, and tomorrow, and the next day. . .

Handing over my heart, piece by tiny piece, to the one who makes all things anew.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Camille's one year birthday party

We celebrated Camille's first year of life this past Saturday with a little family party. It was a super fun morning, and it was nice having a low key celebration this time around. We enjoyed shredded chicken tacos, chips with queso and guacamole, strawberries, and snickerdoodle blondies. And we also enjoyed watching the birthday girl soak up all the attention.

Party favors for the cousins. . .

Little girl waiting on her guests to arrive. . .

The table. . . looks a little uneven, but we hadn't put out all of the food at this point.

We thought surely if we make a cake with her beloved berries she would dig right in and put on a good show. Well she did not dig right in, but she sure did put on a good show. Keep scrolling. . .

This girl loves her daddy. . .

Thanks to Brandon's mom, we actually remembered to take a family shot this year.

Cousins enjoying the trampoline and the sunshine. . .

Don't worry, no need to call CPS . . . Brandon was never far away. . .

Time for cake. . . she looks so content. . .

Or not. . .

Like many say, "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to. . . "

Her mood drastically changed once we relocated her into the kitchen and offered her some cheese. Ok, Camille. . . next year we will just make you a cake out of cheese cubes.

 Present time. . . she loves pulling out all the tissue paper, which is pretty fun to watch.

Excited to see watch you grow and learn during your second year, Camille! We love you so much, drama and all! :)

Friday, January 23, 2015

Weekend Links 1/23/15

Our week was thrown off quite a bit from sickness, so between the sickness & craziness that accompanies said sickness, there was little energy left for blogging or blog reading or basically doing anything productive at all. But I did read a few that I thought were inspiring, and so . . .

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A little Japanese word that makes all the difference

Camille has learned my secret. . . where I keep all the electronic toys (aka their favorite toys that would be in use 24 hours a day if I left them out and accessible). Well, little Camille has now realized she can easily open the ottoman and reach these beloved toys. And you know what? Sweet Clara has been watching her for a while now and after several days of trying with all her might, she can now also open the ottoman and reach these beloved toys. So basically what I am saying is I now need a lock for the ottoman unless I want to hear a drum, piano, singing nursery rhyme book, ball, animals, etc going off every minute of every day. :) But in all seriousness it was so cool to watch Clara watch Camille, and learn a new trick from her. We hope and pray there is much more of this to come as they grow and age and play together.

Clara napped one day at my parents house this week. Sweet girl lost her pants in the process. . . 

We are celebrating Camille's one year birthday this weekend (a little late) by having a small family only party. We have not even started thinking about what we might serve for lunch or how we might decorate. Maybe we should get on that?!?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Camille ONE YEAR!

This cutie turned ONE YEAR OLD today. . .

Loves at one year: Playing with her sister, touching her sister, laying her head on her sister, eating, playing kitchen and especially stirring and drinking, bubbles, being tickled, playing peek a boo & covering her entire head with her blankie, playing in the tupperware cabinet, bath time, dancing to music, sharing her paci, giving kisses, looking at herself in the mirror, taking her pants off every time we change her diaper, smiling non stop, and walking ALL over the place.

Doesn't love at one year: Crawling (no time for that!), getting her faced wiped, and when she is first placed in her infant car seat (might be switching to a convertible in the near future)

Schedule: Sleeps from 7pm - 7 or 8am and takes two naps per day falling somewhere around 10/10:30am and 2/2:30pm.

Development: Full time walker now & babbling non stop . . . favorites are "Mama, dada, up," and a few more that are in her own language. :) Love listening to her babble away as she plays. She has also learned how to eat from a fork (we put the food on for her, and she can take it from there).

Eating habits: She has been on all finger foods for a while now. The only thing she will really let us spoon feed is yogurt, and even that is hit or miss. She has mastered eating from a squeeze pouch and drinks from a straw cup with meals. She still takes formula from a bottle 4x a day, and we plan to transition her to whole milk in the next few months.

Size 18 months clothes
Size 3 shoe
Size 4 daytime diapers, size 5 overnights, she is about to bump up soon!
Weight = 22 pounds 5 ounces
Height = 30.5 inches

We love you so much, Camille! You make our world a better place and we can't wait to see your life unfold in the years to come! Happy ONE year!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Weekend Links 1/9/15

Nothing is wasted - Amen and amen.
Burn the candles - Again. . .  Amen and amen.
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A surprising thing that creates the best kind of freedom

A week wouldn't be complete in the Blackburn house without a little bit of  a lot of swinging. . .

And a week wouldn't be complete without a little bit of a lot of crazy hair action. . .

I promise you I did not even poof it out on purpose. . . was pretty much looking like this since she woke from her nap yesterday. And she has started playing with her hair as she goes throughout her day. . . thus, this. . .

Friday is here!