Saturday, October 3, 2015

Weekend Links 10/3/15

Happy Weekend!

A few links if you have some down time for reading. . .

Keep Planting Those Seeds
Does He Even Care?

Special Needs
Ten Fun Fall and Winter Activities for Kids with Special Needs 
Chewbeads for Juniors - Ordering a few of these for Clara to help with the 24/7 mouthing and chewing. Now I just have to decide which few. . . so many cute options!

Strength: The Definition Of

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Life in pictures

Life keeps rocking along at our house and while I have several ideas for future posts, the words just aren't coming at the moment. And that is ok. I find that writing ebbs and flows and I will get bursts of writing energy and then I am left in a writing lull for a few weeks. A few ideas but no real direction. And thats when I pray for God to give me the words that need to be shared when they need to be shared, both for myself and others.

So for today, life in the form of pictures.

There has been some ukulele practicing. And by practicing I mean stringing on the cords randomly in hopes of some recognizable sound forming. Brandon bought this thing several months back and has high hopes for his future in music. Please pray for our ears in the process.

Did you notice Camille's mohawk in the pictures above? How in the world could you not? I will give you one guess who did this to her hair and it wasn't mommy or big sister.

There has been some book reading. . .

Oh, and Camille started a little Mothers Day Out program twice a week for a few hours. This is her picture on the first day of school. Ok that is a lie. This is a picture from today because I am such an awesome mom and I never thought to take a picture on her first day. September 1st or October 1st? Details, details.

There has been lots of bath time fun. . .

And this girl. . . there has been several times over the last few weeks where we look around and realize Clara is missing. This is funny because our house is not that big. The first time it scared the sillies out of me because she was nowhere to be found. Finally, after several (read, too many) minutes we thought to pull back the shower curtain and look in the bathtub. And what do you know? Apparently the bathtub is her new hang out place of choice. Love her!

Camille loves wrapping up in her towel like a burrito after bath time. . .

A blanket works just as well . . .

She also loves playing with her new finger puppets . . .

There has been a lot of this scene. Clara sitting on the potty, mommy sitting and encouraging, and littlest child not wanting to feel left out. (Let's not even talk about all the wrinkles and fine lines visible on mommy in this picture. Wrinkle cream recommendations welcome.)

This girl recently got a ride to school from her Pakki (my dad). Lucky for her there is only two seats in Pakki's car so she got to ride in the front with the top down. Because of course. She thought she was hot stuff. . .

Countdown to the weekend has begun!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Black & white photo shoot

A few weeks ago we were all sitting at the table around dinnertime. Brandon was home early (typically the girls eat their dinner long before he is home) and the girls were acting silly, so we busted out the (real) camera and had ourselves a spontaneous black and white photo shoot.

Camille was actually complying with my request to snuggle, thus pictures were a must.

Brandon tied Clara's blanket around her like a cape and she thought it was so funny. . .

Love these images, my little family, and the tiny moments of joy that were captured.