Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Believing In The Miracle . . . Again

On September 27, 2018, Clara said her first word. 

I wasn't present. Brandon wasn't present. Only a teacher. I admitted this on social media, but because my daughter has never come close to uttering a "mama," or "dada," I was skeptical. Yet, I finally decided to believe in the miracle, regardless of the odds, and continue to pray with full-confidence that it would happen again.

So much joy.

Nearly severn months later, on April 17, 2019, it happened again.

Clara said her second word!

Clara. Said. Her. Second. Word.

Was I present? No. Was Brandon present? No. Was any other family member present? No. Only two teachers who swear that it happened. Once again I am at the crossroads. I am faced with the choice to either believe, despite my eyes not seeing and my ears not hearing, or doubt.

I believe!

Love this girl and her morning wake-up hair!

On Wednesday, April 17, Clara's class took a field trip to a local park. This is the perfect idea for a field trip for children with different abilities, as it is not an overwhelming environment and all the children can practice whatever social and motor skills need attention.

I was attending the field trip and arrived 15 minutes early. I sat there, listening to my audiobook, waiting and watching for the school vans. I saw the van pull up, but decided to give them a few minutes to unload before I joined. #MISTAKE

Once I saw Clara get out of the van, I began walking across the parking lot. As I got closer I saw another classmate excitedly hugging Clara and NOT letting go. He had the biggest smile and was cheering for her. I walked up just as the aide was prying the child's arms away from Clara's middle.

"She just said no," Christine, an aide, told me.

I didn't even flinch because her comment didn't register in my brain.

"She just said no," Christine said again.

"Yeah, Clara just got really mad and yelled NOOOOOO!," Aaron, her lead therapist, told me.

I about dropped to the floor.

"CLARA?!" I asked.

"Yes," they both replied.

Repeat the same question and answer 354x.

So much love for this girl. I'm the lucky one!!

They explained that after getting out of the van, Clara was wanting Aaron to hold her hand (omgosh she adores Aaron), but Christine took her hand instead (because she was the aide assigned to Clara during the field trip). Clara kept fussing while trying to get to Aaron, while Christine blocked and tried to redirect. Clara got ticked and when Christine tried to redirect again, Clara yelled out, "NOOOOOOOO!" 

Both Aaron and Christine said she yelled it, in a squeaky little voice, as clear as day. 

Guys. I about died. 

I was there and walked up 20 seconds too late!!! I almost heard my daughter's second word.

Picture taken a few minutes after the miracle. :)

But, I'm refusing to beat myself up over this and once again, BELIEVE that it happened. I will continue to pray, in bold faith, just I have been, that it will happen again. And again. And again. One word at a time.

Guys, we never know when our miracle, our breakthrough, will happen. Things might look dim from our humanly eyes, but regardless, this is such a reminder to keep taking our desires to the Lord. We have prayed, continually for years, that Clara would speak with her mouth. In no way did I expect God to answer this prayer this past Wednesday. Don't give up, friends! Your miracle could be right around the corner and you don't even know it.

Thank you for believing in the miracle, too, rejoicing in answered prayer, and petitioning the Father on our behalf that Clara will speak! 

Two words down, Clara girl.

Many more to come!

Fresh haircut! 

Clara's first word - September 27, 2018 - "Hi"

Clara's second word - April 17, 2019 - "NOOOO!" :)

Clara's third word - Stay tuned!
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