Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Annual CT Vacation 2016. . . Part 2

Click here for Part 1 of our annual trip to New England.

 And picking back up where we left off . . . Playing/snuggling at home. . .

Give Clara a piano and she is content for hours . . .

On our last final day, we spent time walking around Collinsville and ate lunch at our all time favorite local spot, La Salle's Market & Deli. If you are ever in this area, you must stop at La Salle's!

After our time in Collinsville, we stopped by a park to play . . . 

Isn't this house just the cutest? Had to stop and snap a picture . . . 

And that's a wrap. CT, we love you! See you next October . . .

Monday, October 17, 2016

Annual CT Vacation 2016 . . . Part 1

We just returned from a week in the glorious land of CT. Most of you know we travel to the northeast every October, to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousins. The weather, the foliage, the lazy, relaxed moments with family is what my heart looks forward to each and every year. It's like a week of mommy respite. There is still childcare duties and toddler meltdowns, but overall? There is something about the change of scenery (understatement) that does this momma's heart good. Since we took approximately 749 photos, per usual, I'll break the trip recap up into two parts.

You're welcome. 

Woke the girls up at 4:45am because a 7:00am flight means early to the airport! These girls didn't care. Camille was SO. EXCITED. to pull her Minnie Mouse bag like a big kid and ride on the plane. This smile didn't leave her face the entire flight! 

Brandon's parents planned their own northeast vacation and thus booked the same flights up and back with us, but did their own fall foliage tour once there. They had a great time, too, and it was fun having them on the flights with us! 

Please note in the picture below there are 3 seats and somehow I ended up with the children while Brandon was across the row all on his own. He said this was not on purpose. Hmmmmm. . . right. :) Thankfully though it was an easy flight and the girls did amazing. I really enjoy flying with a 2.5 year old and a 4.5 year old. Which is saying a lot since last year I told Brandon I was never going to fly with a child ever again. Click here for a refresher. 

The first two days of our trip my aunt and uncle had to work, so we explored on our own. We drove to West Cornwall on Thursday and walked around and ate at the cutest little cafe called the Wandering Moose. Didn't spend too much time outside as the bugs were swarming (covered bridge is close to the river). 

On Friday we explored a drive-through animal park. Super fun! Feeding the goats was the highlight. Imagine Camille yelling "CATCH" (in a demanding, toddler-like tone) each and every time she threw a piece of grain to a goat.

The first few days we were there the colors hadn't truly popped. By the 4th day the leaves were out of this world. Think bright red, orange, yellow, etc.

Each year we spend most of our vacation time playing at my aunt and uncle's house. Camille enjoyed playing dress up, raking and playing/jumping in the leaves, and going bananas with the bubble machine.

We took the girls to a local corn maze/pumpkin patch (with lots of other kid friendly activities, too). A major hit! Brandon's parents met us there that day.

After the pumpkin patch, we stopped for lunch at a popular joint, Friendly's (like a Denny's). A kids meal comes with a free ice cream and since Clara doesn't like ice cream, Camille lucked out! Don't worry, we did not let her consume both bowls.

Stayed tuned for Part 2 . . .