Thursday, June 29, 2017

Driving With A Three Year Old

Has anyone been in the car lately, for any length of time, with a three year old?

You see, I'm in the car with my precious, adorable three year old for a minimum of 52 minutes per day (to and from Clara's school, x2). The minimum is 52 minutes. Two days per week the minimum total creeps up to 82 minutes due to the addition of Clara's speech therapy before school. This total, whether 52 minutes or 82 minutes, doesn't include any additional driving to run errands, play at the park, attend a play-date, etc.

So if 52-82 minutes of your daily life is not spend with a three year old in the confines of a vehicle, let me break it down for you.

She picked out this outfit above, for the record. Leggings at the end of June in Houston. 

Example 1. . . 

Toddler - Mommy?! Where are we going today?

Me - We're taking Clara to speech, then school, then picking up your friend for a play-date.

Toddler - Ok! YAAAAY! Clara, We're going to pick up my friend NOOOOOOOWWWW!!!

Me - No, sweetie. First speech, then school, then friend.

Toddler- OK! Are we are our way to pick up my friend yet? I'm so excited! My friend can come to Clara's school!!

Me - Silence for a moment.

Repeat 538x.

Example 2 . . . 

Toddler - Mommy??!! I need my water.

Me - Ok, sweetie, I can't turn around while I'm driving. I'll get it at the stoplight.

Toddler - 10 seconds later - Mommy can you get my water now??

Me - Sweetheart, are we at the stoplight yet? I can't turn around while I'm driving.

Toddler - You can reach it! Just bring your arm back a little bit. Mommy, we have to do our best!

Me - I appreciate your confidence, but I still can't reach your water bottle. I will get it at the next stoplight.

Toddler - Can you just stop the car for my water bottle?

Me - Silence for a moment.

Repeat 538x.

Example 3. . . 

Toddler - Mommy!!?? Is this the highway???

Me - Yes, we're on the highway.

Toddler - 2 seconds later - Mommy??! Is this the highway??

Me - Yes, we're still on the highway.

Toddler - 5 seconds later - Mommy!?? Are we still on the highway?

Me - Does the road look the same since you last asked? Yes. Still on the highway.

Toddler - 7 seconds later - Mommy!?? What's a highway????

Me - Silence for a moment.

Repeat 538x.

Example 4 . . . 

Toddler - Mommy!?? Can you take the dress off my doll please??!

Me - Sweetie, I can't do that while I'm driving the car. I need to look at the road to keep us safe.

Toddler - Mommy?! Can you take the dress off my doll now please??!

Me - Sweetie, I can't do that while I'm driving the car. I need to look at the road to keep us safe. I can fix it when I stop the car.

Toddler - Mommy?! Can I have my pretzels please?!

Toddler - No, no, maybe a pouch! Can I have my applesauce pouch please?!

Toddler - OHHH I have A GOOD IDEEEEA! How about FRENCH FRIES??!!

Me - Sweetie, I only bring one snack. The car is not a buffet line. (As I hand back her pretzels)

Toddler - No thanks. I have a REALLY GOOD IDEEEEA, MOMMY!! How about CINNAMON TOAST??!

Me - Sweetie, all I have is pretzels. One snack for the car. Would you like your pretzels?

Toddler - My dolly doesn't need her dress anymore, can you take it off after you get me my french fries??!

Me - Silence for a moment. Pray that Jesus will take the wheel.

Repeat 538x.

And on the very rare occasion, said child decides to take a nap. When that happens, I glance back and sit in awe of her cuteness and immediately forget the past hour of car conversation. :)

Friday, June 16, 2017

A Giving Heart (A coloring book celebrating motherhood)

Those of you who know me well know that I'm not super crafty. Or at all crafty. I am not one of those moms who comes up with creative art projects or home science experiments because, well, it's just not my gift.

There may or may not have been one time I decorated tea towels by stamping them with various designs and when my husband got home he asked, "Did Camille make those?"

Thanks, babe.

Those tea towels are now cleaning cloths.

So when a representative from Faith Words contacted me asking if I would be interested in reviewing a recently published adult coloring book, I was a bit hesitant.

Because tea towels.

But then I got to thinking and reasoned that since the only "craft" I really enjoy doing with my girls  is coloring, then maybe, just maybe, I would enjoy a coloring book of my own. Maybe it would be a nice change of routine in the evenings? Maybe a stress-reducer?

So I said yes!*

And I'm so glad I did!**

What I loved about this coloring book, designed specially for mothers, is that is not only has fun, playful pages as the ones above, but also those filled with scripture and solid, Biblical truth.

What an amazing way to spend a few minutes, no?

There is something remarkable about the act of sitting down, silencing the noise, and engaging in an activity that reinforces what we moms need most . . . encouragement straight from God's word. Coloring in scripture forces you to ponder on power and truth. Love that.

Allowing yourself the time and space to get still and quiet and fill your tank is countercultural, but worth it.

Please see below. Can you tell my three year old helped me?

Regardless of toddler scribbles, this verse is oh so special to me, as it's the verse we selected for Chance's grave marker.

You fill me with joy in your presence. Yes and amen.

If you are a mother who is looking for a new activity, or maybe your time with the Lord has felt stale and you need to change it up, I highly recommend A Giving Heart coloring book. This would also make a great gift for any mother figure in your life.

To learn more about Faith Words and the products they offer, follow them on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

*I was sent this product for free in exchange for a review on the blog, but these thoughts are my own.

** Apparently there are fancy gel pens made specifically for adult coloring books. I do not own such pens. I used my toddler's colored pencils. Which meant I had approximately five colors to choose from, all of which had dull points. Because toddlers.

Happy Friday and happy coloring!
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