Friday, June 19, 2015

Weekend Links 6/19/15

I am so excited for the weekend! Hope you enjoy it!

Ocean Lizard Animal Zebras
The Principle of Good Enough
Instagram isn't the whole story, but it's still the story
ABIDE - podcast with Jess C & Michelle M - (So good & applicable, even though I am not a working mom.)

Special Needs
Managing SPD Tactile Seeking Symptoms 
Everyday fine motor materials from A to Z

Since she loves going super high, she still enjoys the bucket swings from time to time.

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  1. LOVED the Instagram link, and amen to that. My favorite part: "But I’m not gonna post a photo of myself weeping in the corner of the closet and tag it #pissedatmyhusband because that would be weird and inappropriate, and frankly, I’m too busy bickering with him in that moment. Besides, do you REALLY want to see that? It’s implied. Because Real Life."


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