Saturday, June 6, 2015

Weekend Links 6/6/15

I'm a day late in posting, but better late than never I suppose. Enjoy your weekend and a little reading if you can squeeze it in!

The Best Way to Discover Which Way to Go
Our Family Cancer Manifesto 

Special Needs
Dear Danielle's Mom
Early Intervention Speech Therapy: Why Does It Look Like Just Playing?
Three Years Apart, Two Hearts Together: A Report Card of Siblings With Special Needs - THIS!

When Enough Is Enough
Where the Sad Girls Go, How To Love Someone Who Is Depressed 

And a few cute pictures of my girls from last weekend. We took a quick trip to the Austin area to visit some college friends. The trip was very low on sleep (apparently Camille does not prefer a pack and play and Clara was a little thrown off by new surroundings) but very high on fun and good conversation!

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  1. Thanks for the Saturday reading material! Loved the siblings article- I can definitely see how you can relate with Camille quickly catching up to Clara, but also knowing how much she'll always need her big sister to be her big sister!


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