Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Bucket List 2015 (Bayou Bend Wildlife Park & the Splash Pad)

We are working our way through our little summer bucket list. While it has been extra hot outside, these activities have also provided some extra fun & toddler entertainment.

My older sister, brother-in-law and their kids were in town, so I kept Clara home from school one day and we all made a trip out to the wildlife park. The girls seemed to really enjoy it (especially Camille, who would constantly point to every animal she saw and exclaim "Ohhhhhhhhh.") The girls (well really this only applies to Camille b/c Clara usually does not nap on the weekdays at school) only got a 20 minute nap that day, but the time with extended family was well worth the pre-bedtime insanity. 

Clara was loving the deer. . .

Older cousin, Avery, was so sweet to carry Camille around the petting zoo. . .

I wish I had a video of Clara in the petting zoo. She was hilarious! She would walk up super close to the animals, bend over, and then pet them as fast as she could and back right up. Cutest ever!

Camille was not even phased by this huge guy. Also, I had flies and animal food in my diaper bag for days. That was really special.

The day after the wildlife park, we hit up the splash pad with some friends. Camille was strutting her stuff in her hot pink sunnies. :) Splash Pad was a hit for this girl. Also, she took a three hour nap on this day. You might wonder then why the splash pad is not on my list of to-do's as a daily event? Because swim diapers. The end.

Love this picture . . . Totally sums up her personality. . .

Planning to cross a few more items off our list this week. . . stay tuned!


  1. Who is that hot model in the background of some of your splash pad pics? ;) Also, speaking of wildlife, I went walking at Oyster Creek Park this morning and saw several rabbits and TWO alligators... how do you feel about living so close to a park with alligators?!?!?

  2. Both look like they were a big hit, but gosh, yes, you all look toasty out there... I seriously wish we lived in another state during the summer months!!

  3. Cute pics!! Love it. I'm impressed that you are out at petting zoos, too. I should probably take my kids to the zoo or something someday but those kinds of outings require about a week's worth of energy I think.


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