Friday, May 22, 2015

Weekend Links 5/22/15

Branched out a little in my reading this week . . .

Witching Hour Chronicles  
On Lifting the Veil of Perfection 
How a weary mom can find hope

The Question - love her perspective on this 

Special Needs
Toothbrushing: making it easier 
All human, all the same
You don't outgrow Autism. . . what happens when help ends at age 21

Pictures from our week . . .

 Little diva. . . I could dedicate an entire post to this girl and her divalicious ways!

 While on the playground this week, Clara walked right in front of an older kid on the swings and thus busted up her lip really well. After some snuggles and an ice pack, she seemed to be in better spirits. Love my girl and her little swollen lip! 

 Camille and I enjoyed a leisurely morning at the park on Wednesday. 
We had the entire place to ourselves!

Thankful for this extra long, family and friend filled Memorial Day weekend!

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  1. Loved the "Witching Hour" post and will have to start using the "drive-by grumping" phrase!


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