Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Savor What Is

Several weeks ago, well a few weeks before we lost Chance, I listed to a podcast by Shauna Neinquiest (which was hosted by Kat from Inspired to Action), author of the recently released (and popular!) book Savor. The theme of the podcast was how to savor life in the midst of the crazy.

A big takeaway for me at the time, and now even more impactful after losing Chance, is the question posed to Shauna and listeners? 

What prevents us from savoring our days? What prevents us from truly savoring our time with our family and littles? Shauna gives her answer . . .

The image of what it is SUPPOSED to be.

This resonates with me on so many levels.

Quoted from the podcast:

Parenting is such an invitation to love what is, and let go of what isn't. Parenting is so much about  responding to what IS and rolling with it, and it can be really frustrating if you're really stuck in your concept of what it should have been. (What your kids should have been like, what your marriage was supposed to look like, what your house was going to be, etc). If you can invest yourself deeply in what IS, instead of being so caught up in what you thought it should have been, that is a real recipe for living a very rich and very present life.

So what does this look like for me? 

Loving & fully embracing my daughters special needs, and redirecting my focus when I start to wander down the path of comparing her and her abilities to that of a typical child. Love what is. Invest myself deeply in what is. Let go of the "should have beens."

Loving & fully embracing our family of five, even though our family of five looks a little different than most. Love what is. Invest myself deeply in what is. And while I will never fully be able to let go of Chance, I cannot remain stuck in what should have been. Remaining in that place will only encourage a cycle of bitterness and disappointment. Forget him? Never. Yet I can respond to my pain and sadness by embracing what IS. . . my husband, my daughters here on earth, my family, my friends, and God's great love for me. 

Embrace the journey. Savor what is. . . 

I highly recommend listening to this podcast episode. Besides, podcasts makes any mundane task, such as that mound of dishes or laundry, a little more bearable. And if you're up for it and feeling a little insightful, share what this looks like for you. 


  1. Great reminder... maybe I need to figure out how to listen to podcasts while I'm at work? ;)

  2. I love this. I haven't read any blogs in what feels like forever and just got caught up on yours. I love the way your write and share your journey with such transparency it's such an inspiring thing to witness. God is using you for His glory, your whole story.

  3. This is so good. There were so many times during the last few years that I really struggled to embrace what is (was, ha)...I never really thought of it like this, but that's what it was. This is great. Thanks for sharing.

  4. As a person who has a tendency to constantly worry about the past and/or the future, this is a good reminder for me, so thank you for sharing! (Also, I'm glad you figured out the blogger margin issue!)

  5. Amen, amen, amen. Love this!


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