Friday, May 15, 2015

Weekend Links 5/15/15

Most any reading that I am able to do right now is centered around miscarriage, grief and loss, hope and joy despite the pain, the process of healing, and finding a new normal.

Thus. . .

Doorways of Hope
Men lose babies too: How can we help them grieve?
Pouring Blessings On a Baby: What one inspiring woman did on the date that should have been her due date
Life Is Hard - "There is nothing that God cannot redeem. After all our struggles, toils, our doubt and fear, God extends His grace and redeems." Truth. 

 "I am calling you to trust me in deep darkness." From Jesus Today. 
I would say that is about right.

The scriptures that correlate with the above devotional. 

And a few pictures from our week. . .
 Even in my grief, my days are still filled with lots of typical highs and lows. 
Taking selfies with this girl is always a high. 

 Tantrums are are low. But in light of losing Chance, 
I can be thankful for these chaotic moments because, goodness, she is HERE. 
Frustrating and somewhat maddening?
Yes, without a doubt. I am still human after all. 
Yet, thanks to our son, my perspective has been made new. 

 When in the world did this girl turn 13? 

 Camille naturally needed a "moby wrap" for her baby. 
So her Nana made her one of course. 

 Didn't quite capture a picture of the baby doll tucked into her "moby wrap" bandana, 
but it was pretty hysterical. 

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Thank you for the convicting but TRUE reminder that frustrating or not, we should be thankful that our babies are here and that we can scoop them up and hold them when they're sad (or after we've given ourselves a time out from being around them... not that I'm speaking from experience). And love that Camille is such a mini-mommy!


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