Friday, May 8, 2015

Weekend Links 5/8/15 & the anticipation of Mother's Day

A few links on this Mother's Day weekend. . .

A Mother's Day Letter to Grieving Moms
To My Fellow Loss Mom on the First Day of the "After" 
His peace is bigger
What I want you to know about losing a child 

If we are being honest, I am not too excited about celebrating this Sunday. Mother's Day is always a bittersweet day for me due to losing my biological mom, and add on top of that the fresh pain of losing Chance and well. . . you pretty much have the recipe for soaking the church pew with tears this Sunday.

But I know I will make it through. Because I love a God that is bigger than my pain, and this same God that is bigger, loves me more deeply than I can ever fathom loving my own children.

So I will force myself this Sunday, my first Mother's Day after losing my son, to focus on what the Lord has given me, and not what he has taken away. I will try with all my might to savor what is, and not what could have been. Tears may very well still come, and that is just ok.

I am beyond thankful for these two beauties. . . So blessed to be their mommy. . . Words cannot even describe how much I love them. . . I know all you mommy's out there feel the same about your own.

 Apparently she has been watching daddy read his paper. :)

Clara made this for me at school this week. 
Her teachers are so dear and knew the perfect adjective to make me smile. 


  1. Praying that you feel an unexpected peace this Mother's Day and that even as you are missing your sweet mom and sweet little boy, you will still be able to soak up some good time with your sweet little girls!

  2. They picked the perfect word indeed! Will definitely be thinking of you for a lot of reasons this Mother's Day and hoping, like Allison, that your day pleasantly surprises you! Also, love that pic of Camille with the newspaper- she just thinks she is such a big girl!

  3. I will be thinking of you on Sunday, friend.

  4. OH, what a perfect gift from sweet Clara. Thinking about you and praying for you.

    And I agree with Clara, you ARE strong. ;)


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