Friday, May 30, 2014

Weekend Links 5/30/14

Run your race - Shauna Letellier via (in)courage 
Being a mom - Brianna Heldt
On Parenting Teens - Jen Hatmaker
The thrift store can be your (nearly free) storage unit - The Art of Simple
What the gang wars and the mommy wars have in common - Lisa Jo Baker

Special Needs
We need better treatment of sensory issues 
NO link between autism and childhood vaccines, a major new study finds
New study confirms increased prevelance of GI symptoms among children with autism 

And a few pictures from a recent park playdate with my friend Wendi and her two boys, Jake and Zane. Jake was so sweet to share his car with Clara. . . She was unsure at first, but warmed up a little after a few minutes. . .

 I seriously cannot get over the cuteness that is these two babies sharing the swing. . .

Camille was loving the swing. . .

And had so much fun she promptly fell asleep. . .

Enjoy your Friday, friends!


  1. Love the sleeping in the swing! I think that happened to Avery the first time we put her in our baby swing outside. Can't blame 'em :)

  2. Love the double swing and sleepy swing pics! And looking forward to perusing all the links as usual- first up: "Being a mom"!

  3. Oh the CUTENESS!!! Those two love bugs in that swing is just TOO MUCH!! Love it!

  4. Do you love all the emails you're getting as I comment?? Haha! These kiddos are the sweetest things I ever did see.


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