Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Mothers Day Baby Dedication

On Mothers Day our church had its semi annual baby dedication. A time where all the babies born in the previous six months are honored during service, and parents make a pledge before the church to raise up their baby in the Lord. We were so blessed to dedicate Camille to the Lord this past Sunday. Such a neat feeling to do so on a day dedicated to being a mom. It feels like just yesterday we were standing on this same stage with Clara.

After church we went home to let the girls rest (no one got any sleep the night before) and then met up with my family for lunch. My parents gifted me with this shadow box.

It is filled with pictures of me and my biological mom, and the little Bible she used to read to me when I was a baby. Such a thoughtful gift on such an appropriate occassion. And so honoring to a mom who did her best with what life dealt her, and who had to leave this Earth far too soon. Mothers Day will always be a bitter sweet day of reflection for me. (Brandon knows this and is always so sweet to just let me "ride out" my emotions. He might hear & see me crying one second, and then might see my face filled with joy & laughter the next). I find myself missing my mom immensley and wishing she was here to celebrate days such as Camille's baby dedication, yet also so thankful for the mom the Lord chose to fill this gap for me. To my mom in heaven and my mom here on Earth, I love you both so very much. Happy (belated) Mothers Day.

And I thought Brandon's cards to me this year were pretty cute. . . Love them!

(And a big thanks to Wendi and Aja for taking pics Sunday morning, and letting me steal a few.)


  1. I love your dress at the baby dedication! And your mom's gift-- oh wow!!! That is so meaningful.

  2. That has got to be the most thoughtful gift ever. So precious. And I see so much of Camille in your baby pictures!! Happy Mother's Day :)

  3. Congrats on Camille's dedication! And what an amazingly sweet Mother's Day gift.

  4. How fun that Camille got to be dedicated with so many friends! And I love your dress, too- super cute! Props to your parents for the thoughtful gift and Brandon for the thoughtful cards- what did he use to make those?

    I can only imagine what a mix of emotions Mother's Day must be, especially now that you're a mom yourself. From the few times I've met your "earth" mom (ha!), she seems so wonderful, and although she could obviously never replace your biological mom, you're right- God was clearly looking out for you in providing her!


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