Friday, May 23, 2014

Weekend Links 5/23/14

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And a few Friday pictures. . .

Clara's last day of school was yesterday. So thankful for these precious teachers. They have been beyond wonderful in helping Clara stretch herself, while also tuning into her sensory challenges and creating an environment where she feels safe.

If you look close you will see Clara has a star stamp on her left arm. Star stamp = she stayed the entire time in music class yesterday. This has only happened one other time (usually the noise sends her into meltdown mode and one of her teachers will take her out). Way to end the school year with a bang, Clara!! So proud of you! 

And little Ms. Camille. . . aka "little Ms. Flirty pants"

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Happy Friday! Clara's little peach shirt is the cutest! Also are those pink elephants on that AA blanket? I am totally finding that if so!

    1. Yes those are pink elephants!! They usually carry the pink animal pack of AA blankets at Babies R Us or Target. :)

  2. Oh these pictures! I love them! They absolutely melt my heart. Love the smile and congratulations to Clara and you!!

  3. Love Clara's top- think that have it in a size 372-month??


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