Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Camille 4 months

4 months old on May 14, 2014

Loves: Smiling, babbling, laughing, eating, watching big sister play, and looking at herself in the mirror.

Does not love: Being cold, when she has poop in her diaper, when we take the bottle out of her mouth to burp her, or when she looses her paci during the night/nap time.

Eating: Eats every 3.5 hours.

Diapers: Size 2

Clothes: Size 3-6 months

Weight/Height/HC - 15 pounds 13 oz (68%), 25 inches (50%), 16.73 inches (84%)***

Sleeping/Schedule: She continues to sleep well (still swaddled). We have been able to shift bedtime a tad earlier so a usual night of sleep is 8pm-7am or so. She usually wakes once to eat around 4am, although this week she has gone two nights without eating. As mentioned above, the girl loves her paci, so we have fallen into the "reinsert the paci 500x a night" game (ok, maybe not 500, maybe more like 4-6x which can feel like 500x), but as of now, we are just going with it. She takes three naps a day usually around 9am, 1pm, and 5pm (give or take 30 minutes on either end). She can last about two hours awake before needing to go back down for a nap.

Development: She can roll over from tummy to back. Her babbling is starting to have a rise and fall rhythm to it (changing tone), and she loves to babble all day long. Cutest ever! She has started giggling, which 100% melts my heart. It is so fun to see her laugh in response to others actions or voices. She also kicks and moves her arms in excitement, in response to familiar faces.

(Yes, the Bumbo is on the counter here. I assure you I never left her side.)

Adventures: No big plans in her future, just little play dates & outings here and there.

Happy 4 months, little Camille. We love you so very much!

*** We had to reschedule with the pediatrician several times, so these stats were taken on June 6th, which is actually closer to her 5 month birthday.*** :)


  1. Happy 4 months, Camille! You are such a cutie!

  2. 4 months?! She is seriously so gorgeous!!

  3. Goodness. She is such a DOLL! Glad to hear you have a happy, good little sleeper on your hands.

  4. Oh my gosh, she is too cute, and too smiley! Happy 4 months, little C!


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