Friday, April 18, 2014

Weekend Links 4/18/14

Hope you all have a lovely Good Friday and Easter weekend. We are planning on some good quality family time, with both sides of our family, and hoping to spend as much time outside with the girls as possible (as long as our finicky weather cooperates that is). We also signed Clara up for an introductory class (read: FREE) at the Little Gym near our house. I'm hoping she likes it. . . but we will see!

If I were An Advertiser - Jen Hatmaker (Seriously so, so hilarious!)
Living The Moments - Life as of Late
Turning Over a New (Palm) Leaf - Life as of Late
A Mommy's Eulogy - True Worth (I am amazed & inspired by this woman's strength and peace.)

Eating Disorder/Mental Health/Self Esteem
Externalizing the eating disorder - Surviving Anorexia

Special Needs
Why Your Special Needs Mom Friend Might Be. . . "One of those moms" - Trust Me, Im a Mom (All of these things I can vouch for. So true. SO. TRUE.)
How anxiety leads to disruptive behavior - Child Mind Institute

And someone please tell me when my baby became this big kid that you see below?
So not ok. . .

Have a great weekend!


  1. For what it's worth, even though I'm sure you can definitely relate in many ways to being "that mom," I think you do a great job of juggling it all and on top of that, you are still constantly thinking of others!

  2. Kids grow up fast, last time I saw my niece, she was just a newborn, and now she is in preschool and speaks 3 languages. Meanwhile, I'm still childless. Time flies and it sometimes makes me feel as if motherhood has eluded me.

  3. Hi Brittnie, I found your blog through The SHUBox and have been reading for some time, but am just getting around to commenting. I love your blog and love the links you share. My oldest son has a form of SPD, mostly sensory seeking. OT has changed our lives over the last year and it is great to read about your own experience here. Thanks for your blog, I'll be reading!:)


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