Monday, April 21, 2014

Bunny ears and puffy pink Easter dresses

Our Easter in pictures (and a few words). . . 

Clara was a little unsure what to think of the Easter Bunny. . . 

Watching intently as her balloon flower was being made. . .

 Showing Clara how to hunt for eggs. . .

Yes, we went there. Bunny ears for both girls. They will totally love us for this someday. . .

Camille thinking she is too cool & trying to take off her ears. . . No ma'am Ms. Camille. . .

That's better. . .

Happy girls. . . See, I told them they would come to like their latest head accessory. . .

Clara: "Watch out sister, I'm looking at you."

Camille: "Don't mess with me. . . I know where you live."

Staring contest continues. . .

And now for the super pink & puffy little girl Easter dresses. . . Again, they will so appreciate these pictures some day.

A good pic of the two of them was a little difficult to capture. . .

 Love my girls!

Happy Easter (a day late!) HE IS RISEN!


  1. Haaa!!! Camille can make some seriously scary mean faces for such a cute baby!!! I would definitely be intimidated!!! Love those pink puffy dresses!!!

  2. I also love your girls, and their momma!! The pictures made my day. Thanks for posting pictures of the cuties!!

  3. Such cute little bunnies!! Glad y'all had a happy Easter with plenty of photo opps :)

  4. Love the new design, love the bunny ears, and love the sisterly matchy-matchiness on Easter!

  5. Easter is lots of fun when there are kids. The babies' outfits and bunny headbands are too cute!!

  6. Love the headbands and poofy dresses!!! Total "musts!!!" I love the photo of you and both girls too. You are so blessed!!

  7. I love their dresses! Also, the pictures at the end of you with both girls are beautiful! I also love the ones of Camille looking at Clara while they have the ears on. It makes me wonder what she's thinking! So funny!

  8. Where's your puffy pink dress??? ;) Love their dresses!! They are adorable!!!


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