Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dealing with delays. . . Part 2

This post is a continuation from the original Dealing with delays. 

Clara took a little tumble this week, and it really shook her up. See, she has learned how to climb on and off the couch, and can now do so within a matter of a few seconds. It's pretty cute, and she gets so super excited when she gets up. Think huge smile, lots of giggles, and bouncing up and down on her bottom. Sure enough, I turned my back for just a second to tend to little sister, and then heard crying.

Hard, hard crying.

She had fallen off the couch.

Mommy fail.

I ran over to her, scooped her up and started gently talking to her, and specifically asking her "Where does it hurt?"

She just kept crying. And she wasn't calming down.

I started gently touching different parts of her body to see if doing so would strengthen the sound of her cry, thus letting me know where she was hurting. No luck. Just more tears. And eventually when the heavy tears lessened, they were replaced with heavy whimpers. Whimpers that lasted for a good, long while.

She might have just been shook up from the whole situation. Falling off the couch is a scary thing indeed. Yet, in that moment, I couldn't help but sit there and cry a little on the inside.

If only she could tell me what hurt.

If only she could say "My arm mommy," or "My head mommy," or something to that effect. Even a simple "It hurts," or "Scared," would make moments like this so much easier. Because I would know that pain or being frightened is the reason behind the tears.

Calming a nonverbal child is hard.

Nonverbal is general is HARD.

So I have started praying bold, specific prayers for my girl.

More than just the basic "Lord, please keep Clara developing well and hitting her milestones." 

No. My prayers have become very specific. And I think God calls us to be bold, and specific at times when we present to Him our requests. Because that just shows Him where we are putting our trust, right?

So now each and every day I pray four things over my biggest girl.

That she will learn to walk, talk, read, and be potty trained. 

These are my four. 


So what if I sound repetitive? God doesn't care. He just tells me to ask, and to trust. 

I have been connected with other Cohens parents via a FB support group and sadly, many Cohens kids are not able to do any of these things, especially read (and/or write for that matter. . . ex: many Cohens kids that are in their 20's function at a preschool - 2nd grade level), and I have been told that many kids have a MUCH harder time with potty training and that it usually doesn't come until much later, as in age 5-8 years. 

She is taking steps. Praise be to God. Seriously. Each and every time I see her take a step I say "Thank you, God." Just take a look at this video from yesterday. . .

But our prayers continue. 

Delays are hard. 

Nonverbal is hard. 

But regardless of the hard we know we trust a God that is strong, faithful, and can help overcome any hard, milestone met or not.

Philippians 4:6 NLT
"Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. 
Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done."


  1. Relatively easy communication with my child (Davis, NOT Avery) is something I probably take for granted, so thanks for sharing this and helping me remember to appreciate it more!! And as for the video... go, Clara, go!

  2. I think bold prayers are pleasing to the Lord and I look forward to reading how God answers them!
    I just wanted to encourage you... my younger sister has a rare genetic disorder (trisomy 14) and they told my parents she would never read. But then (to out great surprise) she learned how to read when she was 13! We were astonished!
    Thanks for sharing on your blog about Clara... there are many of us out here who love and cherish our children or siblings with disabilities :)

  3. You are an AMAZING mommy, I hope you know that.

    And seeing Clara walking? AMAZING. Brings a huge smile to my face. Praise God!

  4. 1. Aedan and I just watched that video about 5 times and Aedan kept saying "Clara...good job Clara!". Love it.
    2. I'll be praying specifically for those 4 things for your sweet girl too. Love you guys!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I just prayed for you and for those 4 things for your sweet girl. You are a wonderful mommy!

  6. This brings tears to my eyes. Those 4 things are now listed throughout my home, so as I see them, I'll pray. You are one wonderful mama. Thank you for teaching me so many valuable lessons and for continuing to be so faithful along your journey. I'm thankful we can do this life together. Love you dearly!

    (we watched your text about 10 times yesterday. Although, J's favorite is the one of C on the roller coaster. haha. He still asks to "watch Clara on that ride").

  7. Ditto to what everyone else has said, and thank you for sharing how we can also specifically pray for Clara, AND for you and Brandon as you continue to be patient and encouraging with her, even though I know it probably gets really overwhelming and frustrating at times (for her and for you)! And love the video of her walking- go, girl!

  8. Oh gosh friend, thanks for sharing this. Joining you in praying for these four things.

  9. Ok, seriously. You are such a great blogger. I LOVE reading each & every post. I have gotten so bad about blogging & checking blogs-so instead of commenting on each post, I'm going to just comment on this one...through my tears. Your words are so real & honest & inspiring & heartbreaking all together. You are the best mommy, Brittnie! I am so honored to be your friend, and to be able to read about your journey as a momma to both Clara and Camille. I am going to join you in your prayers for those specific things for Clara. I am SO THRILLED that she is walking, such a joyous & wonderful milestone for her! They are both such beautiful girls & I can't believe how big Camille is getting. I need to meet her!!! Love you!


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