Friday, April 25, 2014

Weekend Links 4/25/14

The best question - Sarah Markley via The Art of Simple
When ordinary is its own kind of brave - Lisa Jo Baker
Setting the stage for our kids to confide in us - RATM
No shame in needing help - The Art of Simple
A Gideon Reminder - True Worth
"At the very least Gideon has become a sign to me, to my husband, to our children, family and friends.  Gideon has become a sign to us that God is real, and that He does what He says He will do.  A sign that God can be trusted, even with our deepest darkest fears.  A sign that even in death, there is hope.  A sign true peace can be realized, even in the midst of great pain and hurt.  A sign that though this life brings great pain and loss, there is an even greater life to come." - So inspiring. 

Special Needs
Meeting Sensory Needs on a Budget - The Thinking Moms' Revolution
Listen to Me! Sometimes the eyes don't have it - - Children With Special Needs

And in honor of National Infertility Awareness Week, my friend Erika is guest posting over at Mom-A-Logues. So go check out her post! She did a great job, per usual. :)

And now a little photo action of Ms. Camille. . . aka our littlest baby who is actually not so little anymore. I may or may not have had to CUT OFF her outfit yesterday (not the one she's sporting here) because I literally could not get her arms out. As in, I tried for FIVE solid minutes to get her arms out with no luck and with her screaming. Ain't nobody got time for that. Scissors to the rescue. Bye-bye cute little Carters blue striped dress. Nice knowing you.


  1. Ah she is too cute! And don't worry, Camille, I had to be cut out of a bridesmaid dress a few years ago… technically it was because the zipper wasn't working, but you better believe it made me feel like a beached whale :)

  2. Thanks for the shout out!! :) And so sad about cutting her out, but yeah...if it's amounting to torture...better to just sacrifice the dress. Oh well. And this is super weird, but apparently I really am twinsies with Amanda J- I had to be cut out of a bridesmaid dress last year due to a broken zipper, too!!! It was super sad because it was a cute dress. Oh well.

  3. CUTIE!!! I've come close to doing the same with one of Ellie's shirts. :)


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