Friday, April 11, 2014

Weekend Links 4/11/14

100 ways to know you're a mom - Lisa Jo Baker
Three Little Words - Lois Flowers via (in)courage
My family stopped eating sugar for a year  - Eve O. Schaub via Everyday Health (What does it say about me that I cannot fathom doing this?!? Maybe don't answer that. I type this as I sip on my sugar filled coffee by way of loads of processed flavored creamer.)

Eating Disorder/Mental Illness/Self Esteem
You are PreApproved - Jennifer Dukes Lee via (in)courage
Self Sabotage- it's a reality - Surviving Anorexia

Special Needs
What's new in Autism Spectrum Disorder? Research Update - Sensory Spectrum
What Sensory Overload might be like for your child (a video) - Sensory Spectrum - This video cartoon paints a great picture of what the world is like for a child/person that is easily overwhelmed by noise and various sensory input. (Ex: This is exactly why Clara gets completely overwhelmed in large crowds, at birthday parties, etc)

Clara's first school pictures. . . Spring 2014. . . A tad on the serious side, but hey, at least there were no tears involved! :) Love this kid! Have a great Friday!


  1. Awww love those sweet pictures!! She looks like she's thinking "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME!!!! WHY AM I SITTING HERE?!!"

  2. Oh my goodness!!! I love the school photos! She is so darling!! Thank you for sharing. Too cute.

  3. School pics of little ones are the best- way cuter than when they become awkward middle schoolers! :)


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