Thursday, December 5, 2013

Baby girl # 2, Weeks 30-33

Another four weeks have past. . . only seven to go! 

Yes. . . I really like that shirt apparently. :)
Loving: That my ankles look NOTHING like they did at 33 weeks last pregnancy. Click the link at your own risk, my friends. You have been warned.

Not Loving: Getting a strain of the flu at Thanksgiving and then being in bed for three days straight. And the purple and blue piece of art that has woven its way across my lower legs/ankles. . . aka varicose veins. I changed into shorts last night and Brandon looks down and goes "Wow babe. Your legs are like REALLY bruised." Yes, yes they are. Did I just turn 31 or 90 yrs old? Hard to tell.

Favorite Foods: The flu totally messed with my taste buds and now the issue is finding ANYTHING to eat that 1-sounds somewhat edible and 2-that I can actually finish. SAD DILEMA right? It's like I want food to taste good and WANT to eat and then I try and NOPE, done with that. Maybe this means I need to try Chickfila nuggets for lunch, you know, just to see if they might taste ok. :)

Looking Forward To: Our last ultrasound that will be coming up in a few weeks!!! The arrival of our new rocker/recliner for Camille's room (that is MUCH comfier than the one in Clara's room, and Clara will actually need one for a while longer so hers was not an option for the new room). A huge thanks to Brandon and my in laws for surprising me with this fun gift at Camille's shower!! I am also looking forward to the day when Camille is in our arms and OUT of my belly (in due time of course). Girlfriend is already training for the Olympics apparently. Always. Going. Crazy. In. The. Belly. (This is actually a very good thing as most Cohen Syndrome babies are much, much more inactive in the womb, as was Clara, I just didn't have anything to compare it to the first time around). 

Anxious About: Honestly, I am not too anxious about anything right now (key is right now, ha). A lot of people have asked if I am worried about Camille and her chance of also having Cohen Syndrome and really, I'm not. I just decided I can't stop to dwell and ponder the chances of her having it because that really is getting me no further down the road, and does nothing for my mental health. Right now my focus is Clara, and creating the best environment for her to grow and flourish daily.

Thanks for following along! We are so very blessed to be welcoming another sweet miracle baby into our lives in just a few weeks. God is good. All the time. 


  1. You look awesome and I would totally wear that striped shirt every day, so no judgment from me there!! Glad Camille is doing well and is so active! And your varicose veins sound awful...but I must confess...I wish you'd show a picture. ;)

  2. You look awesome!! I'm so sorry you were sick over Thanksgiving. Pregnancy + illness = the worst. Hope you have your energy back, and that your love for good food comes back shortly too! 7 weeks... wow!!

  3. Looking great, as always!! Can't believe she will be here so SOON!

  4. So not cool about the flu! But hooray for the rocker and an active little gymnast baby!!

  5. Girl, you look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I am just so happy for you and seeing your beautiful belly brings me so much joy. Wishing you a smooth, uneventful last stretch of pregnancy.


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