Monday, December 16, 2013

Clara 19 months . . . and a million more pink glasses pics

19 months on 12/2/13. . .

Can y'all tell I am getting lazier and lazier with the whole monthly sticker thing. Slapped it on her pajamas one morning, put a headband on her, and called it a day. I tried to have her face the Christmas tree, as watching the twinkle lights always makes her smile, but she really just wanted to lunge and reach for it the entire time. :)

Not much has changed overall since 18 months other than a definite diagnosis and. . .


So, so very proud of her. Yes, she fights them from time to time but y'all, for the most part she keeps them on. We definitely didn't give her enough credit going into this because we were for sure it would be a fight. Meltdown beyond meltdowns, for days, so to speak. But nope, she seems to have taken to her newest accessory.

Pink itty bitty glasses = cutest thing ever in my book.

Until next month. . .


  1. I love when I get myself all worked up about a transition for Davis and he proves me wrong! Way to rock those glasses, Clara!

  2. Presssssshhhhhh!!!! I am so glad she's dealing well with them!! She couldn't be any cuter!! Are the glasses really flexible? That's how they look...

  3. I LOVE the pics of her with her glasses looking at the laptop- looks like she is just diligently working away!! Cute girl!

  4. She could not be any more adorable in her pink glasses!!! I agree with Amanda… the laptop pictures are the best!

  5. Adorable!! Yes, the laptop pictures are completely awesome. I wonder if she keeps the glasses on because she likes accessories (Kirsa was like that) or just likes being able to see better? Or maybe she just is a very compliant child?!


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