Friday, December 6, 2013

Weekend Links 12/6/13

So Clara got her glasses this week and y'all I can't stop taking pictures of her. Think I already have 345,692 pictures of her on my phone. The cuteness is killing me! Here's a little preview that I posted on Instagram this week. Full post with lots of precious pics and an update on how she's adjusting coming next week. Get excited! :)

Some links for ya. . .

What A Ride, Indeed - Life Rearranged
How we help curb the "I want that's" during the holidays - The Art of Simple
To The Mamas of Littles During the Holidays - Vitafamiliae (this is written to moms of toddlers BUT this really applies to ALL OF US, mother or not. . . a great reminder that it really IS OK to slow down and say no)

Eating Disorder, Mental Health, Self Esteem
Twelve Ideas to Help People with Eating Disorders Negotiate The Holidays - NEDA
Coping With A Loved Ones' Eating Disorder During The Holidays - Center for Change
When anger has no where to go - Surviving Anorexia
It Costs Everything - The Actual Pastor

"Friends, let’s stop tripping over our own feet, our own inadequacies and quirks and not quite awesome grammar, and let’s just run with whatever God has put inside us! Whatever it is! Writing, baking, mothering, clerking…whatever! Run, girl! Feel the wind, the Spirit in you as you move to His rhythm. Keep on. He’ll do the work in you, just keep on." - quote taken from this post. Love. 

The weekend is here! Make it a great one! 


  1. ahhh that is SOOOOOOOOOOO cute!! i love little ones in glasses - maybe a bias since i got my first pair at age 2 :) :)

  2. Loved the "To the mamas of littles" article - "Always choose the simple over the pinnable"- so true and a much needed reminder for me today, 19 days before Christmas :)

  3. Oh my goodness, her pink glasses are soooo cute!!!


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