Friday, December 20, 2013

Weekend Links 12/20/13

Just a few links to start off your weekend. And maybe if you're one of the really lucky ones, today kicks off a loooong holiday weekend that extends well into next week!

It's no puzzle: keeping holiday traditions simple - The Art of Simple
Beauty in Brokenness - Lisa Leonard via (in)courage
When Holidays Hold More Sorrow than Joy - Dana Butler via (in)courage
7 simple ways to make the most important people in your life feel important - The Art of Simple

Between all of Clara's appointments, work, and getting the flu 2x (really. . . how does this happen to me? I tested positive for the flu on Monday and have been on the couch all. week. long. My parents have had Clara ALL week. Seriously, they are amazing. Not sure how we would have functioned without them this week.) we just simply had no time for taking and/or sending Christmas cards. If you sent one to our family, thank you! We have loved each and every one. Maybe we will combine Camille's birth announcement into a Happy New Years card to share? Since my free time will surely increase once she's here, right?

Although I have no family holiday photo to share, I will leave you with Clara's Santa picture this year. No smile, but no tears either. So I'm counting this one as a win!

She did give him a majorly hesitant "WHO ARE YOU?" look when we first sat her on his lap, which I wish we would have captured. It was pretty classic. She then started wiggling so much Santa had to hold down her arms which covered up her cutie Christmas shirt, ha, oh well!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from our family to yours!


  1. Ugh, flu 2x?!??! That is really awful. I'm so sorry!!! I hope it goes away and you feel much better quickly!

  2. Yes, definitely count that pic as a win!

  3. Love the pic, but not loving the flu x 2! I think the birth announcement combined with a happy new year card is a great idea! We have some friends that do Valentine's Day cards every year instead of Christmas cards- that's a possible idea for you?

  4. Flu times 2?!?!?! NOOOO! I'm sorry to hear that and hope you are all better SOON. I was down with a nasty stomach bug last week…and it was miserable. Can't imagine going through that while pregnant!


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