Friday, November 20, 2015

Weekend Links 11/20/15

So . . . Camille's hair decided to turn curly overnight. I love this and hate it. Love because she is so stinking cute and hate because well, my hair doesn't do such things. Is it sad that I am jealous of my children's hair?? It just doesn't seem right that they can live in this city of 100% humidity and their hair actually LOOKS BETTER, when mommy's just looks like she rolled out of bed.

Also, please note head in hands. . . 5-7pm is hard on us all, dear one.

A few links for weekend reading. Make it a great one!

The Stories We Tell 
Grateful (By Comparison) 
An Invitation to Healthy Busy - love the distinction here between busy or hurry
Why You Might Be Missing The Life You've Always Dreamed Of

Special Needs
New to Sensory? Where Should a Family Begin?
6 Tips To Help Kids Avoid Sensory Overload This Thanksgiving 


Surviving the Crisis: 6 Ways Couples Can Thrive in a Season of Crisis, Trauma, or Grief


  1. Ahhh!! Love that curly hair!! So fun! And so bizarre that it would suddenly just curl up!

  2. Two sweet curly-haired little girls you have now!!


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