Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween has come and gone and most are now full speed ahead into November. Yet for the sake of documentation, a few pictures of our end to October. 

We kicked off the festivities with a trip to the Houston Zoo for Zoo Boo with friends a few weeks ago. Camille had an absolute blast!! Lots of fun fall activities for kiddos. 

On Halloween eve we visited our church's pumpkin patch. I would say most kids had a great time, although our kids were a little maxed out after three minutes. Camille was giving in to her urge to meltdown and Clara was overwhelmed by the noise/crowd and remember mommy was having her own pity party, so we stayed on the play ground most of the evening.

The girls dressed up as butterfly princesses . . . not because they cared about wearing wings or a tutu, but because $9.99 at Home Goods. Decision done.

Attempting an extended family pic . . .

As good as it is going to get. . .

Swinging with cousin, Maddox. . .

On Halloween day we attended a birthday party for a sweet friend. It was honestly a great intro to Halloween for my girls. The kids got to dress up and eat cupcakes and run around wild with friends, and the parents got a few photo opportunities.

Clara was clearly not feeling the "Let's sit on the step and take a picture!!!" prompting from her parents. . .

Since the girls are still a tad young and don't quite understand the reality of what most children do on Halloween night, we decided to stick to home and pass out candy to trick-or-treaters. (Aka, we knew we could be lazy for one more year.) We only had about 20 kids come by, but Camille thought it was the greatest game ever! Except if said trick-or-treater had a mask. Then it was "NO, NO, NO" coming from her mouth until I closed the door and mask covered scary person was long gone. I would expect nothing less from my spunky girl!

(In her defense, she was truly frightened, shaking and shuddering at some of the costumes, and was not in fact being sassy.)

Another Halloween in the books!


  1. Love those sweet little butterfly princesses! And glad all of you survived the chaotic, er, I mean fun weekend! :)

  2. You were so smart to skip the trick-or-treating - we ended up with waaaaaay too much candy! Don't think we could have gotten away with that with Davis though :)


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