Friday, November 13, 2015

Weekend Links 11/13/15

The weekend is here which means a little bit of link love for you. . .

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The Family Photo You Can't Prepare For

The weather has been amazing the last few days so Camille and I have been taking full advantage. Lots of trips to the park this week! Yet not without loads of bug spray. Mosquitos, you can just move along.

Clara fell asleep on the way home from school with her chew beads necklace in her mouth. Silly girl.

A few Clara/mommy selfies. . .

Y'all. . . Clara came to the car yesterday with these pigtails. I was dying. Do you see how long her hair is, and how perfectly curled? One of her new-ish teachers loves playing with Clara's hair and everyday, right before dismissal, takes her to the bathroom to redo her hair in a new and unexpected way. I love how much they love my girl.

How is Thanksgiving fourteen days away? Also, how in the world am I turning 33 next week? 


  1. Ahhh my Clara used to have a teacher that would fix her hair every day but not anymore, so now she comes home looking homeless :)

  2. Such cute pictures! Love the pigtails.

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