Friday, February 27, 2015

Weekend Links 2/27/15

Owning Our Gifts - a friend posted this article on FB this week and I really love the message.

Special Needs
My child chews on everything!
How To Help Your Student With an Auditory Processing Disorder
When It Comes to Her Daughter's Future, One Aging Mom Is Learning to Let Go - would be lying if I said I/we haven't already discussed the issues brought up in this article. Sigh. But we do trust that God will provide and make clear the long term path for Clara. 

Playing in a balloon pit at a little friends one year old birthday party last weekend. It was such a hit with all the kids! Camille got to sneak in when the big kids decided to take a break. . .

And this girl is obsessed with straws and adult size cups. I'm pretty sure she drank half my water the other day (Yes, I'm boring and get flavored water at Sonic).

The nightly scene at our house from 6:00-6:30pm. We watch a show and cuddle on the floor before bed. Both girls are going to bed around 6:30pm. . . Clara because she doesn't get more than a 30 min nap at school and cannot last any longer. . . Camille because I have had to push her to one nap (due to timing of Clara's school pick up) and thus she is waking up earlier in the day and, like Clara, cannot last any longer. I love how they each want to cuddle up on one leg and we all just sit together.
Enjoy the weekend!


  1. That balloon pit looks like a fun idea- might have to try that! And love the pic of you and your girls :)

  2. I love that little nighttime ritual! Having sleepy kiddos isn't all bad :)

  3. That last picture is too cute for words!!


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