Friday, February 20, 2015

Weekend Links 2/20/15

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Camille waiting outside Clara's OT office on Valentines Day. She was loving walking/running up and down the walkway. (Clara's private OT has agreed to see her on Saturdays once or twice a month, bless her heart. This is so amazing because I am just not sure how we would pull off private OT with Clara's new full day school schedule.)

And you guys. . . Clara comes home SO tired. I really cannot emphasize how tired she is at the end of her day. I literally have to start dinner at 4:50pm, in order for her to stay awake to eat, and even then it is a struggle. See the look? She is clearly not amused. . .

Last night. . . fell asleep at 5:05pm mid hotdog/avocado eating. She may or may not have started snoring. . .

And then she is in bed, and OUT, by 6:30pm on weekdays. And she sleeps SOLID until 7am or so, which gives us a little over an hour before we have to leave the house. I typically still have to wake her up in the morning. Bless her little heart. . . 

We are excited for some family time this weekend (Brandon has been working quite late and getting home after Clara is in bed) and also celebrating a little friend turning one!! Enjoy your weekend!

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