Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Baby B #3, Q&A

A little Q&A about Baby B #3 . . . 

Q: Any fertility treatments involved?
A: None!

Q: Was baby #3 planned?
A: Nope!

Q: Ok, but were you preventing pregnancy? (can't tell you how many people ask me this question, so since it seems to be a common "concern" among many. . . )
A: No (was not on birth control)

Q: But weren't you guys only planning on two kids?
A: Yes, but apparently God doesn't work from our plans. . . imagine that. 

Q: Ok, but then why weren't you preventing pregnancy? (again, common question)
A: After YEARS of having out of whack hormones, due to previous eating related issues, and after YEARS of working to get my body back in 100% working order, on its own, I did not love the idea of putting artificial hormones back into my body. I wanted to see if and when my body could figure out its natural cycle, and function normally for a solid chunk of time before reintroducing birth control. Turns out I had one complete cycle in October 2014, and then in November would have had another, but ovulated at a different time than expected, and thus, baby #3 came to be! 

Q: Are you guys excited, scared, nervous, over the moon, etc?
A: Yes, all the emotions! We are thrilled and feel completely blessed to be welcoming another baby into our family. We cannot thank and praise God enough for this little (ok, big) surprise. After undergoing constant fertility treatments from May 2010 - September 2011 in order to conceive Clara, we do not take this gift for granted for one second. Not one second. God has now gifted us THREE times over. Are we nervous? Yes, absolutely. I fully expect that adding another child will shake up the dynamic of our home for a good, long while, but eventually, just as we did after welcoming Camille, we will find our way and adjust and all will feel normal again.

Q: Where will the baby sleep? Your house is only three bedrooms, correct?
A: Correct. At this point, it looks like our third child will be blessed with a nursery in our master closet. I am 100% serious. If I was a hashtag person this is where I would type #Thirdchildproblems.

Q: But what about the seven remaining embryos at the fertility clinic?
A: That is something we are constantly revisiting, and fervently praying about, more than you know. We hope to meet with our former fertility Dr sometime later this year, to discuss our options more in depth, since we are not sure how our options change due to the genetic condition of Cohen Syndrome (1 in 4 chance that any child born to us will be affected by Cohens). We obviously did not know about Cohens, until Clara was born and developing a-typically. 

Q: Any predictions on pink vs. blue?
A: Brandon is convinced it is a boy. I am leaning more towards girl, but really don't have a gut feeling at this point. 

Q: How far along and due date?
A: I'm 14 weeks. Due early August 2015. My actual due date is August 15, yet I will have to have a repeat C-Section (had one with Camille b/c she was breech), and this can be done no later than 38-39 weeks, due to hospital policy. 

Thank you all so much for your excitement regarding baby #3, and sharing in our joy. We feel blessed beyond words. And while our house is small and no, there is no room at the inn, we have so much more love to share that goes well beyond these walls. Even if baby is sleeping in a closet. :) :) :)


  1. This is so awesome!! I am totally nosy, so I'm glad you answered all these questions. :) And love the third child problem...but for real, Millie still has yet to sleep in her own room, so I don't think she'd even notice if her 'room' were actually a closet. ;) It's going to be awesome no matter what!

  2. I'm with Brandon on Team Boy, but just excited to meet little baby Blackburn whenever he/she comes, regardless of boy or girl! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing!! I'm so excited for your family! What a lucky baby!! :)

  4. Wow, what a wonderfully honest post, and thank you for sharing - like everyone above, I love having nosy thoughts about everyone and anyone - I hope not too many people were actually ASKING you all these questions!! We are thrilled for you! And I'm happy to offer unsolicited advice anytime. :) Mostly, just hang on - I found the addition of a third kid to be a bit of a wild ride!

  5. Love it! I think I've already told you this about a million times or so (give or take a few), but I am sooooooo excited for you guys! What a blessing, indeed!

    Totally hear ya on the birth control front. We're trying to figure that one out right now's complicated.

    P.S. Anxiously awaiting a "nursery reveal" for Baby B #3.

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  7. Thank you, as always, for your transparency. Some of these things are nobody's beeswax but for anybody who's walking in similar struggles there certainly can be strength and inspiration found when a friend shares openly! As to the closet, just think of it this way - you are preparing him/her for the type of space they will get when sharing a dorm room in college :-)

  8. Argh I don't know that I can wait much longer to find out the answer to the boy/girl question- can you hurry things along, please? :)

    Also, there are crack babies out on the streets that would be thrilled to have a closet to sleep in, so I think baby #3 should consider him/herself lucky ;)

  9. SOOOO excited for you guys!! Even if you had room elsewhere, sleeping in the closet is where all our kids start out! I loved reading the questions/answers you put. Isn't God good?!


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