Tuesday, February 24, 2015

To the anonymous donor who shocked us on Monday

On Monday I received an email from the billing department at Clara's new therapy school stating the following:

Hi Brittnie, I wanted to let you know that someone has donated $900 towards Clara’s expenses at the Children’s Center for Autism. The donor would like to remain anonymous . This donation will be applied towards Clara’s services for 2015. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

I read the above and then sat there in shock for a good ten minutes. Not responding. Not picking up the phone to call Brandon. Just sat, with jaw open, in pure, utter shock and thankfulness, for this beyond generous gift. 

As any parent of a special needs child knows, medical and therapy related bills add up, and for certain children, like our Clara, these bills will most likely be a long term, as opposed to other situations where increased medial expenses come for only a shorter season of life. 

We have no idea if this gift comes from family, friends, or a combination of one or both, but please know that whoever you are, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Words cannot adequately express our gratitude. I am in awe of the kindness and selflessness show to us by this donation. While it is true that there is so much bad and hate and cruelness in our world, there is also still so much good. So much good. And so much kindness and love and joy and tender spirits that are willing to look around and spread a little cheer. The email above is proof of that.

So thank you, anonymous donor. Thank you and praise God for you! You've pretty much made our year. May we take the joy we feel right now, and continue to pay it forward. 


  1. What a generous and thoughtful gift and one that will be put to such great use!

  2. God always sends angels into our lives when we need them.

  3. You're absolutely right that this is a great reminder that there is still so much good in this world despite all the bad - thankful to this person/these people for supporting you all and giving us that reminder :)

  4. So awesome!! Yes, I'm gonna go ahead and say that if we look for it, we will see that the good in the world outweighs the bad! So happy for you and for this generous person!!


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