Friday, August 8, 2014

Weekend Links 8/8/14

FOMO: it's a real thing
When comparisons are choking the life out of you
Let's stop editing our lives
The parenting books were wrong (and other good news for moms)

Special Needs
Problem Solving Discipline & Sensory Processing 
Sensory Processing Disorder in Babies and Toddlers 

This girl . . . full of smiles. . . 

And drool. . . Thus a bib is worn all day everyday.

This girl. . . she would be outside all day everyday if she could. . . specifically, swinging all day everyday. Love her sweet expression here. 

Friday dance. . . Happy weekend!


  1. We don't get to see a pic of you and Brandon doing the Friday dance…?!

  2. Ha to Amanda's comment! I suggest NOT wearing your birthday suits if you post a pic of you doing the Friday dance ;)

  3. What sweet smiles! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


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