Thursday, August 14, 2014

Camille 7 months

 Happy 7 months to this girl!

She is at such a fun age/phase right now. Just cannot get enough of her smiles each day. . .

Loves: Sitting up, trying to play with Clara, trying to pull Clara's hair, laughing at herself in the mirror, banging blocks together, playing with toys that make noise, cuddling with us in the Bjorn, playing peekaboo, reading books, being a tad dramatic, snuggling, eating, and making her presence known by babbling VERY loudly.

Does not love: Honestly she is hardly fussy unless overly tired. That said, we do call her our "drama mamma" because she can go from laughing to yelling in about 2 seconds flat. Seriously 2 seconds. When this happens, Brandon and I look at each other like "Did I miss something here???"

Snuggle action. . . I would wear her all day long for these snuggles if I could. . .

Sleeping: 8pm - 7 or 8am. She usually sleeps through the night (meaning we don't have to feed her) although it is common for her to wake at some point and just babble to herself until she is sleepy again. She takes 3 naps per day, although sometimes just 2 depending on length of said naps.

Eating: She takes a pumped bottle every 4-ish hours and then gets at least two meals of baby food per day, at breakfast and dinner. This girl loves her some solids. I mean loves. Girlfriend just plain likes to eat. We also let her practice with puffs and she will rake them in her hands and bring to her mouth. She has started mimicking the chewing motion. Despite not having any teeth this girl is sure showing interest in real food! She is constantly trying to grab food off our plate. We have also introduced a sippy cup. . .  just to get her manipulating it and attempting to bring it to her mouth.

Clothes: Size 9 months
Diapers: Size 3 daytime and size 4 overnights
Shoes: Size 1 although these are getting snug!

Yes. . . the onsie says what you think it does . . .

Development: She rolled from back to tummy just this week and now will do so frequently! She babbles ALL day long and her newest sounds have been "Da-da-da-da, Na-na-na-na," and a few others. It is safe to say hearing "Da-da-da" for the first time pretty much melted Brandon's heart into a tiny puddle that he had to wipe up off the floor. And mine. And there may or may not have been some tears shed over this milestone (remember. . . first time for us ever hearing this).

This girl ADORES her big sister. Literally adores. Reaching for her, attempting to touch her, looking at her, smiling at her. . . all. day. long.

Not sure what this frown was about. . . Maybe she is wondering why we are trying to swing when it is 500 degrees and 100% humidity outside. Just a guess. . .

Happy 7 months, Camille!! Can't wait to see what this next month will bring!


  1. Happy 7 months, (not so) little one! She seriously is just the cutest… and I love that both of your girls sport clothing with owls on them- warms my owl-loving heart :)

  2. Happy 7 months, Camille! I'm impressed that you are still wearing your little chunk in the Bjorn - I'm sure your back loves it! Avery kills mine and she is a pipsqueak, as you know :) Also, Avery is always pulling Davis's hair so I appreciate that Camille does the same to Clara. Whenever I am holding her and Davis is standing nearby, he is unfortunately at the perfect height to have his hair pulled, so it's his fault, really :)

  3. Oh my cuteness! The rolls and smiles! Love it all! And the picture of the two girls on the sofa, oh so sweet! Clara looks so grown up with both of them sitting there. Just freeze them so I can come play and snuggle! =)

  4. I just want to reach through this screen and hug her! :)


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