Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer bucket list check in

So remember that summer bucket list? We haven't been able to do as much as I would have liked thus far, but we have done a few things and are having a lot of fun & making memories! And that is what is important when all is said and done. There are still a few weeks left of summer so here's to hoping we can check a few more boxes between now and then. Therapy 3x a week + in home appointments + trying to work from home doesn't leave much extra time. :)

Here are a few pics from our summer adventures. . .

The McDonalds by our house has a really cool toddler play section. Lots of musical toys which is right up Clara's alley. . . as long as there are no big kids around. . .  (We did not eat there because I would like to ensure that the meat we consume is well, meat. Just saying.)

Children's Museum. . . As I have mentioned before, the ball pit was a HUGE hit.

Toddler time at the library. . . this outing was an epic fail. . . but hey, at least we tried! Clara did however enjoy playing nicely banging as loud as possible on the computers.

Totally not impressed. . . pic was taken mid-meltdown.

Farmers Market. . . we didn't stay too long, but we scored some delicious bread so let's consider this a win. This picture however. . . it's safe to say we have taken better. (Locals. . . check out the Great Harvest Bread Co. . . amazing!)

Lots of time outside + swimming. . . This was not on our list but it has been happening so you know, I feel the need to document.

And lastly, a fire station tour. . . you will notice also that this was not on the original list, but after completing such a fun activity I had to add it and then check it off. I know some of y'all do the same. Don't try to deny your OCD tendencies. Mmmmmkay?

Clara loved sitting on the truck and taking a few pictures. She was making herself crack up! Such a fun memory with my biggest girl.

Please take note. . . all the moms are attempting to look and smile while all the children are going bonkers & looking anywhere but towards the camera. . . such is life! 

Here's to a few more weeks of summer!!


  1. Great progress even if you haven't checked them all off, so props to you! I've been wanting to take the twins to a splash pad and to get sno cones as well, so if you make that happen on a Friday or weekend, let me know and we will tag along ;)

  2. Love it! And love that you are still able to take those kiddos out for some fun times/memories, despite your CRAZY busy schedule.


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