Friday, August 29, 2014

Weekend Links 8/29/14

Seems I have taken a little blogging break recently. But I am ok with that as we are busy living life and soaking in the last few days of summer.

(And not to mention very,very busy fighting/appealing/advocating for and applying for more therapy coverage for Clara, since we are being denied continued therapy until 2015. Not ok. Another post for another day.)

But. . .  I have been reading in my few spare moments because soaking in a few quiet minutes reading keeps me sane and my emotions in check. . . and goodness knows the constant insurance battle we are fighting brings out some strong emotions in this mommy. :)

Enjoy and happy Friday!

Letting Go 
Let the Rhythm Move You
A Back to School Book Club for Moms

Special Needs
Does Money Buy Better Therapy?
It Is What You Make It

And a few pics of my sweeties playing together. . . Please note they look to be about the same size (and are currently in the same size diapers). Love them!


  1. Ahhh I can't believe they're almost the same size!!! And I can't believe (well, yes I can, because insurance SUCKS) they're denying her therapy!!!!!!! Uggggggh. I am so sorry you have to add that battle to your list of things to do!!

  2. They are just so squeezable! And too funny about how quickly Camille is gaining on big sis… watch out, Clara. Will be praying for success with your battle for more therapy- not ok at all and not cool!!


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