Friday, August 1, 2014

Weekend Links 8/1/14

"How are you, really?" ("Acknowledging the hard parts of our lives doesn’t mean that we’re not grateful for the gifts God has given." - So very true!)
5 reasons mamas don't take care of themselves
Always. No matter what. 

Eating Disorder/Self Esteem/Mental Health
Exposed by my children for what i really look like

Special Needs
Coming Through the Fog (a book)
4 surprising ways to promote a child's self-regulation & avoid meltdowns 

I posted this pic on Instagram a few weeks ago. . .

Camille always wants to be right next to Clara. . . touching her. . . loving on her. . . It is really the cutest thing in the world. . .

And here she is again, doing whatever she can to just touch her sister yank her pjs. . .

Not quite sure how this is comfortable, but she stayed like this for several minutes. . .

Time for the Friday dance and a birthday dance in our house. Brandon turns the big 3-1 tomorrow!


  1. Awww...I love how they love each other!! Happy bday Brandon!!

  2. Love both of those sweet little girls and so glad I got to see them (and you) today! Happy travels to you and happy birthday to Brandon!

  3. Oh goodness. SO SWEET! And happy birthday, Brandon!


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