Friday, February 14, 2014

Weekend Links 2/14/14

Happy Valentine's Day! Our anniversary is on the 10th, which we always celebrate, so by default we never really do anything extra for Valentines. If our anniversary wasn't the same week, we would probably make Valentines more of an event or celebration I suppose. Do you guys go out for Valentines? Or make it a big deal in your house? I always love hearing what other people do & which holidays they choose to celebrate & why. . .

Some weekend link ups for ya. . .

Why Exercising Your Gifts is Super Good for You - Holley Gerth via (in)courage
10 Things I said My Children Would Never Do - Scary Mommy (HILARIOUS AND TRUE)
Square Pegs, Round Holes and the Infinite Possibilities of Loving Your Child - Enjoying The Small Things (A post and perspective I needed to read/hear this week)
How much does our culture influence our values? - RATM

And if you need a good laugh on this day - please, please just read this. . . Why is my kid crying? Best ever. And so true. We are not quite fully emmersed in this stage just yet, but I am sure it is in our future. I should probably start praying now.

And some random pics of Clara . . . just because I think she is the cutest ever. . .

Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. No big V-day plans here, either! Just making dinner at home after C&C go to bed- wild and crazy as always :) And cute pics of Clara!!


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