Wednesday, February 26, 2014

NEDAwareness Week 2014. . . a few midweek resources

To continue highlighting NEDAwareness Week, I thought I'd link up to a few resources I have seen around the web/social media/tv the last few days. Enjoy!

On Monday, the TODAY Show kicked off a "Love Your Selfie" Campaign that is running all week. The nine perky hosts of the TODAY show told viewers about their physical insecurities and appeared on live TV without makeup as part of their “Love Your Selfie” campaign Monday. But for all they criticized about themselves, they sure love taking selfies. All nine hosts snapped pictures of themselves as part of the campaign to spread awareness about self-image. Source. Read more: Today Show Hosts Love Selfies, Hate Selves |

Dad's letter to daughter: Forget makeup; your beauty is inside

I am worthy - By Katie Clemons via The Art of Simple

I Had No Idea - Allison (short clip speaking to Eating Disorders and Infertility)

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