Friday, February 7, 2014

Weekend Links 2/7/14

This was the first week that I tag teamed the girls totally solo. My oh my. There should be an entire post dedicated to the craziness that is getting a newborn and toddler out the door for an 8am speech therapy appointment. More on that next week. . .

But for now, some weekend link love for ya. . .

My word for the year is NO - RATM
In the nick of time - True Worth (Cannot imagine the emotions this mom is experiencing. Will you please read her words and join in prayer for this family?)
What you can do when life's storms hit - Dawn Camp via (in)courage
Don't grow weary mamas - Liz Griffin via Inspired To Action

Eating Disorder/Mental Health/Self Esteem
Recovery is every day, every moment - Surviving Anorexia
How to respond to rude or inappropriate remarks - The Sensory Spectrum
The sky is (not) falling: Setting the record straight on the so called eating disorder epidemic - ED Bites

And a pic from our little blogger meet up last night. Erika and Matt are in town, so of course a Mexican food get together was in order! And yes, I braved an evening out with both girls! A few other bloggers were there, including Amanda, but we didn't think to snap a pic until right before the last of us were leaving. So fun!

And because I can't leave without sharing a few pics of my littlest babe. . .

Don't let her calm and collected look deceive you. . . girlfriend hates herself a bath

Tummy time which quickly turned into nap time. . . totally conked on her own after a few minutes

Happy Friday!


  1. Argh so sad I left before the photo opp! But again, props to you for making it out all on your own (until Brandon came to the rescue)- you are super mom! Looking forward to seeing you and both of those sweet girls today!

  2. You should get a prize for getting both of them out the door for an 8am appointment - that is nuts! I feel proud of myself for getting out the door on time for our 9am stuff... so you win. So sad I missed the fun last night, and super impressed that you braved it with both kiddos! Wish I could have been there to see y'all and meet your newest little nugget!

  3. She is soooooo precious! I hope you are feeling good! Don't worry getting out the door with both of them will become automatic and before you know it you will feel weird leaving with only one again! You are an awesome momma!

  4. I looooved getting to hang out last night!!!! Thanks so much for braving the cold and bringing the girls! We're about to go hit up Brandon's kolache recommendations right now! Oh, and Matt was so glad Brandon came and sat at his end of the table, ha. I think they can be best blog-friend-husbands! :)

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