Saturday, January 14, 2012

Old fashioned communication & a Day Spring product review

There is something about a hand written note that cannot be replaced. As email, text message, face book and twitter grow in popularity with those of all ages, less people are taking the time to hand write a note of thanks, congratulations, encouragement, hope or sympathy. Some call it old fashioned. I call it irreplaceable. 

Confession : I do love receiving hand written notes. It just says a lot about a person who in todays technology ridden society will take the time to hand write their thoughts, place that note in an envelope with a stamp and walk it to the mailbox. 

Confession : I am guilty of, just yesterday, writing an email to a friend who was celebrating a birthday, when I could have easily written and mailed her a birthday card days in advance. Sigh. 

There is something about reading someones handwritten words that speaks louder than reading text off my phone. I can think back to several times during our fertility journey when I received cards from friends letting us know that while they did not understand what we were experiencing, they were thinking about us daily and lifting us up in prayer. I remember on one particularly hard day picking up one of these cards and reading it over and over again. Something about holding that card in my hand and reading the writing just brought another level of comfort and peace.  I am sure many of you have been there, too and understand the comfort that I am talking about here. 

That being said, I jumped at the chance to partner with (in)courage and Day Spring as one to participate in their (in)spired deals January product review. 

Day Spring sent me these cards for free although the opinion below is 100% my own. 

I truly love these cards. They are a nice size with plenty of space to write an in depth note while also filled with words and scriptures should you want to keep your note on the shorter side. I also really enjoy the bright, bold colors that fill each card. The bright red, pink, blue, and green designs are bound to make the receiver feel alive and loved. I would absolutely love to receive any of these cards in the mail. The words are uplifting and the scripture selection is perfect for that special person who needs an extra dose of hope and encouragement. You truly cannot go wrong by purchasing these and mailing to friends and family. 

I thought the card below would be the perfect card to send to my grandmother, who resides in another city and who I do not see very often. I hope the words bless her and bring a smile to her face. 

Inspired to bust out with a handwritten note and participate in some good old fashioned communication? Head on over to the Day Spring product page and check out the 15 card assortment packs offered. Day Spring also offers a wide selection of gifts - office supplies, calendars, books, journals, totes, mugs, crosses, baby gifts, jewelry and home/art decor. 

A big thanks to (in)courage and Day Spring for allowing me to participate in their January (in)spired deals review. I cannot wait to put the rest of my cards to use in the near future! 

"Encourage one another."
Hebrews 10:25, NIV


  1. I totally agree with you about hard written cards and notes...they mean so much! I just checked out the website and I love it..they have super adorable baby things...i already have a few bookmarked to order!

  2. I started saving all correspondence from people when I was 16 years old...I am now 59. I have tubs full of cards and notes and they are so precious to me...the letters my grandmother wrote to me and letters from my sisters early in our marriages...the last words my mother wrote to me in my high school graduation card 3 days before she had a stroke. Now I print and save meaningful emails. Though they lack the personal touch of handwriting they still reveal the heart of the writer. I too love to receive cards and used to be a much better have inspired me to try harder.

  3. I LOVE sending and receiving cards! I remember when we would always give birthday cards to each other when we were younger. I probably still have a few of yours. :)


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