Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Love yourself Challenge. . . week 2

I hope you all are having having a great week and are continuing on with the Love Yourself Challenge.  We are now two weeks into the challenge. Did anyone journal last week, during week one? Learn anything new or interesting while journaling? 

If you are thinking..."What in the world is the Love Yourself Challenge???" Click this link for the info!  

Missed week 1 and need the 4-1-1? Click this link for the info!  

Week 2: Love yourself as you love others. 

It's not too late to make TODAY the day that you start giving yourself some lovin! 
Make it a GREAT day! 
Happy journaling! 

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  1. I agree completely. We would never talk to others the way we talk down and berate ourselves. It's definitely time to love, appreciate and give ourselves some TLC.


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