Friday, January 27, 2012

Crossing Over Our Jordan River

I really enjoy blog posts from the website in(courage). A post this week, Remembering Whose We Are, really spoke to me and I wanted to share a piece of the post with you today. For the full post click the link above. The author of the post has struggled with brain cancer and recently lost her nine year old daughter (just a fresh nine months ago). The piece below is from a book she read when first diagnosed with brain cancer. Such encouraging words when we find ourselves in the midst of such loss, confusion or period of waiting. I hope the words inspire you as it did me. 

Crossing Over Our Jordan River

We don’t know when God will get us over the river. We don’t know how God will dry the riverbed and allow us to cross. But we do know, by faith, that he will act on our behalf. And while we wait,we remember. 
We remember our Red Seas, the places where God has parted the waters for us, the impossible places where God came through and the Enemy was defeated. 
We remember who brought us through. 
We remember whose we are. We belong to Christ! 
We remember that God’s delays are not delays of inactivity, but of preparation. He delays, but he does not deny. While we wait He prepares us for His answer according to His perfect, preordained plan. 
We remember and link up with like-minded, stronger people who are going in the same direction. We cant afford to attempt the waters of Jordan alone. 
We remember to tell our children, and our children’s children that they may see the mighty hand of God and take courage for the rivers they will have to cross. They piggyback on our faith when we share the stories of God’s mighty acts in our lives. 
We remember to offer encouragement for our friends who walk beside us along the way.
 - taken from the book, Stones of Remembrance


  1. LOVE this and totally needed it today- especially this part: "We remember that God’s delays are not delays of inactivity, but of preparation." - thank you for sharing!!

  2. The only way we can deal with death is to trust in God, otherwise I think you would go mad.

    My health is very important to me. I will treat my body like a temple and if and when it fails me I will now it was meant to be and not my doing.


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