Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Clara 5 years

This precious child turns FIVE years old today. What in the world?

She is a joy, a pure delight, and continues to teach me so much about life, priorities, and helps center a proper perspective when my mama heart gets sidetracked by all the silly (and honestly, meaningless) things. 

Making birthday brownies for big sister. . . 

Last sleep as a 4 year old . . . 

First thing in the morning-wake-up-birthday picture. . . 

Five year photo shoot as we walked out the door for school. . . 

Some of her favorite things at five years old. . . 

Musical toys with lights/buttons
Lights/buttons in general
Twirling strings/straps of any kind
Chewing on anything and everything (and I mean anything and everything)
Drooling :-)
Eating strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and bananas
Drinking milk
Playing the piano
Refusing vegetables
Visiting (and riding) the carousel
Jumping (still needs assistance, but new milestone!)
Giggling when we play the blankie game (covering her head with blankie over and over)
Chillin with the iPad or her VTech Kidizoom watch
Using her PECS book (like a pro!)
Twirling her hair
Splashing and lounging in the bath

I love you, Claire Bear. Your little life looks different than your typical peers, no doubt, but I wouldn't trade you for a single thing or any typical milestone. They say for every three years of life you might experience six months of developmental progress. That can be a challenge, but one that doesn't stand in your way. Whether at school or at home you show up everyday and work your tail off. You don't let the odds weigh you down. You giggle your way through all the hard and well, you don't even view it as "hard," but just your normal. You are a treasure, little one, and I simply can't believe you are five. I'm honored to be your mommy and love you with every ounce of my being. HAPPY FIVE YEARS! (P.S. You may or may not be getting a pony ride on Saturday when our family comes over to celebrate you. Don't tell your sister. She will find out in time. #youarespoiled)


  1. Happy birthday, sweet Clara! You have come so far in your 5 years... as have your wonderful parents!

  2. Ahhhh she is just so adorable!!! She looks so much like you in some of those pictures. Happy birthday, sweet girl! You and Millie need to get together and have a fruit party, haha- those are all of Millie's favorite foods, too!

  3. Hope you had the happiest birthday, Clara! I think this year is gonna be a great one for you!

  4. Happy Birthday Clara! Your vibrant smile is His Light in this world!!


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