Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter 2017 (and a look down memory lane)

I have been diligently going through the sea of pictures on my computer. Deleting and deleting for days, duplicates and unnecessary photos.

Someone please tell me why we thought it neat to take pictures of our kid's blowout diapers. I mean really. I don't understand. I must have deleted 50 photos of brownish-greenish gunk oozing out of tiny Pampers.

This process it taking me longer than expected, not only because I have so many poop pictures, but because I am watching every. single. video and looking at each and every photo oohing and aching over how tiny these girls once were. Oh the memories! I'm not hating it. 

Since I have been walking down memory lane, I must share a few pictures from Easters past.

Here we go. . . . 

Easter 2013. . . 

Easter 2014 . . .

Easter 2015 . . . This is a bittersweet year as only a few days later, on actual Good Friday, I was admitted to the hospital to deliver our son, Chance. I was discharged on Easter Sunday. So much metaphorical goodness here, but I will save that for another day. :)

Easter 2016 . . . 

Which brings us to, Easter 2017. We kicked off Good Friday with our annual neighborhood/subdivision egg hunt. Ms. Kay (who lives a few doors down) has been hosting this even for 12-13 years! 

It was a blast! Oh, and by "we kicked off Good Friday" I mean me and Camille. Brandon was in bed with the flu and Clara did not have the day off school. 

Camille found 50 eggs. She was like an egg-hunting ninja. Mommy may or may not have made some of this candy disappear. After the egg hunt was bunny sack races and hula hooping contest by age group, and a pinata. Plus lots of food for all to enjoy.

On Saturday, we attended our church's annual "Big Bunny Party." Camille had a grand time until we actual got unclose and personal with the Big Bunny. She screamed for her life. Yet once in the car driving home she asked if we could see the Big Bunny again. #threenager

This one on the other hand, lovingly gazed up at the bunny and even petted his leg. 

Clara would not let go of this teal egg. Cutest ever!

I walked around with Clara and prompted her (from elbow) to pick up the eggs. I would say "pick up" and then "put in" while pointing to first the egg and then her basket. She did great!

Our good friends, the Christoffs, attended per usual. Love getting these two girls together! (Katherine also has Cohen Syndrome and just started walking!!! This was the first time I saw her walk in person and I was sobbing messy tears behind my sunglasses. These kids work so hard and when one of them reaches a new milestone we ALL celebrate!) 

Clara even played a few games, with help from mama of course.

I would point and prompt her and she would take a step and just set the horseshoe down gently. Cutest thing. The kids working the game were beyond adorable and would cheer for her like she had just thrown it for miles.

Picking out a prize. See my hand on her elbow? She does so well with the prompting!

On Sunday, Easter day, Brandon was still sick in bed and Clara started having symptoms so the three of us stayed home and sent Camille to my parents for church, lunch, and another egg hunt.

So there you have it. Easter past and present, since kids anyway.

While these girlies are growing and changing there is one thing that isn't changing . . . my ability to creatively stuff Easter baskets for my kids and/or take a family picture on Easter Sunday dressed in our Sunday best. Someone please help me. I have fun-filled memories from childhood of awakening on Easter Sunday with a basket full of goodies sitting at my spot on the breakfast table. I have yet to recreate such a memory now that I have two littles that call me mama. Thankful for grandparents and aunties that fill the gap because, goodness, the struggle is real.

And a family picture?

Well, there's always next year.



Thankful for grace, ahem, and the promise that comes with the empty tomb!


  1. Observations:
    1. Clara is a giant!! Seriously, looking at the old pictures and then the pictures from now... she is just so big!
    2. I love Camille's bunny ears headband!
    3. Hey, no need to start the Easter basket tradition now, because then it will be expected every year, so just keep it away as long as you can get away with it ;)

  2. Clara does look so grown all of a sudden! I love her hair the way it is in the this year egg hunt pictures. Is her watch something special? (I just noticed and wondered if it did anything cool to help her.) And yes- looking at my old pictures, I'm like whhhhhyyyy. Then again, in my OWN baby pictures, back when our parents took pictures, then mailed off the film, then got the prints back a month later...well, even my own mother spent some of her precious time and film and money capturing pictures of baby Erika's blowout diapers. So maybe we're just engineered to think it's fascinating, hahaha.

  3. Ahhh I love all of these, and was going to say the same thing as Allison and Erika- since when was Clara a little teenager?! And that's awesome that she's doing so well with the prompting, I am constantly impressed with how hard you all work and the progress she makes!! Happy belated Easter to y'all :)


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