Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Clara's 5th birthday celebration continued

We continued Clara's birthday celebration last Tuesday by throwing a mini "party" at school with her classmates. To say the kids enjoyed the sugar was an understatement. Cookies, brownies, juice, and goldfish for all (and, important to note, little bags full of party favors/surprises for the children, aka small plastic annoyances for the parents).

Clara's teachers made a crown for her to wear all day. Sweetest. She is now the only girl in her class, so to say she is their little princess would be an accurate description.

Proud little sister. . .

My parent's gift to Clara was a beta fish, that lives on her wall. Yep, on her wall. Clara is indifferent about it (ideally, we need a fish that swims a bit faster to catch Clara's attention) but she still enjoys looking at it from time to time. And not surprisingly, Camille is nuts over it!

Also, important to note, Camille has named the fish "Ice Pack." Someone just sign this fish up for therapy now. Someone also please remind me that I need to 1. Feed Ice Pack and 2. Change the tank water from time to time. May the odds ever be in Ice Pack's favor.

We treated the birthday girl to dinner at Chuy's. She absolutely loves their mac and cheese, so we figured it the perfect night for her favorite. 

The celebration continued on Saturday at our house as we hosted our families with a "Pizza and Pony" party. I know what you're thinking. A pony? Really? But y'all, one of Clara's favorite things is taking a pony ride. The last handful of times we have visited a local farm, animal park, you name it, she has hopped on with no problem and she never wants to get off. As in, she cries and holds on and cries some more when her turn comes to an end.

So this was our rationale going into her party. Not much lights up our girl so when something does, you don't take it lightly. We figured if she could talk, she would ask for a pony ride for her 5th birthday.

So we got her a pony.

And she hated it.

Meet Sammy . . .

From the rear view it looks as though she might be having a good time. Don't be fooled. She was having it for about .2 seconds, just enough time for me to snap a pic. :)

Oh, the irony. You love ponies and then we get you a pony and you hate it.

I had to just shake it off and as Brandon kept reminding me, "Britt, it was still worth it. Because we were intentional and we tried." (Post on this very idea coming soon. . . )

Clara much preferred to be in her swing, watching Sammy from a distance.

And have no fear, little sister quickly became BFF's with Sammy and got our money's worth.

We love you, Clara! While you did not have a blast with Sammy, we sure did have a blast celebrating YOU. And regardless of your distain for Sammy, you're a pretty cool kid.


  1. BAHAHA! I don't know whether I'm more amused by Ice Pack the beta fish, or hating the pony. I mean- on the plus side, at least you didn't BUY her the pony. Like as a pet. Because then it would REALLY be a bummer. Glad Camille gets some amusement out of Clara's rejected pets/gifts, though!!!

  2. I love all of this! Ice Pack, the fish, is probably my favorite part! That's a bummer that Clara didn't get more pumped about the pony, but you're right, it totally figures, and glad to see Camille at least made it worth your while :) Glad y'all had such a great time celebrating your sweet girl!

  3. I agree with Brandon - no shame in booking that pony because there was nothing but love behind that idea! Sounds like Clara got lots of good celebrating and hopefully in time, Ice Pack will become her BFF ;)

  4. I agree with Brandon too! If Clara is anything like Zoe, things that are too scary at the moment end up being memories she recounts with joy later. I'm always surprised what she "enjoyed" and wants to see photos of over and over again, when she didn't actually seem to be enjoying it in the moment! Happy birthday Clara!


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