Friday, January 1, 2016

Weekend Links 1/1/16 . . . It's a New Year!

Happy New Year! 2016 is here! I shared that I have only one goal this year, but what about you? Goals? Resolutions? One word you want to focus on this year? I would love to hear. And while I personally don't have a long list of resolutions per say, Brandon and I plan to work through Jennie Allen's New Year Dream Guide together over the next few days as a couple. We hope the process will help us step into this year with a sense of purpose, vision, and focus for the direction of our lives and family.

A few links to start your year off on an extra good note. . .
2016 Goal Setting, Part 1 by Lara Casey
The Gift of Openness
How Do You Live Your Best Life?
New Year, New Dream Guide
How to start off a new year (when you want to live simply)

And a few pics from the last few days. . .
love when they are all bundled up!

she needed to wear her frog hat and rain boots. . . :)
I couldn't resist. . . Bittersweet. . . And looks like Clara got lots of love this year!
Afternoon snuggles with my two fav girls

How are you spending the 1st day of the year?

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  1. Happy new year to y'all! I think you know my primary resolution at the moment, so I'll spare you having to see it written down again :) Looking forward to checking out these links, so thanks as always for sharing!


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