Saturday, January 23, 2016

Weekend Links 1/23/16

Two Saturday posts in a row! Looks like I will just keep everyone on the edge of their seat and see if this becomes a trend or if I actually remember to post Weekend Links on Friday, per usual.

Loved this quote from my First 5 Bible study reading this week. . .

And a few links. . .

Why I Showed My Kids All My One Star Book Reviews - Yes, yes, yes!
God Never, Ever, Ever Sleeps
What happened after we got the diagnosis "Grieving how plans change — is part of the plan to change us." And this line. . . "Never fear the moments you imagine will freeze you: Unexpected blasts of cold can be what draws you nearer to the flame of His love."

Special Needs
Six Years - These pictures! Melt. My. Heart.

Apparently sitting on the potty is funny. . . And no, we are not potty training. Just bribing her with marshmallows to sit and see what happens when she excitedly tells us "POOP POOP!!" Also, it is important to note that the only time she sits without losing her sweet mind is when she is 1. naked/fresh out of the bath and 2. wrapped in a towel. Um, ok. I really have no idea.

Make it a great weekend!! 


  1. I mean, I can't blame her- she looks pretty cozy all wrapped up like that! Colby likes to get out of the bath to (attempt to) do his business and he also likes to be draped/wrapped up in his towel while sitting in his throne! Strange children.

  2. Look at those eye lashes!!!


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