Thursday, January 14, 2016

Camille turns TWO YEARS!

This little love is TWO YEARS OLD today. My oh my, time. Will you please just slow it on down?

We will be celebrating today with hash browns (her favorite), chips & "dip dip" (a close second) and cheese (can't blame her)!

Picture was actually taken Tuesday, but close enough! Lucky girl gets hash browns two times in a week!

My mind is blown that on this day, two years ago, she took her very first breaths in this big world . . . And actually, at this very moment two years ago, the Dr. came in and after a quick check of progress stated "I can feel the baby but not her head. I feel her feet. C-Section in one hour." Well, ok then. And little Ms. has been keeping us on our toes ever since!

And this time last year. . .

(I may or may not have shed some tears looking at these photos.)

A few things about Camille at age TWO. . .

  • She loves to eat, sleep, sing, play baby dolls & dress up, swing and slide, interact with Clara, read books, bounce, dance, color, play kitchen, and generally run around like a crazy person all the day long. She does not lack energy that is for sure. 
  • She is so FUN and keeps us constantly laughing. Typical development is such a joy to experience. It is truly amazing to watch her learn and interact appropriately with the world around her. 
  • She naps once a day from 12-2:30pm although some days she would sleep longer if I didn't have to wake her to pick up Clara from school. She goes to bed at 7:30pm and wakes generally around 6:30am. 
  • She attends MDO twice a week and has an absolute blast! I ask her "Are you excited to go to school today?" Her usual reply . . . "YES!!"
  • Favorite foods hands down goes to all things carbs and cheese. Smart kid. Although mommy and daddy would appreciate if she would enjoy green veggies just a little bit more. 
  • She is obsessed with her pacifier and blankie. "Pass banket, pass banket, pass banket" is a phrase I hear about 100x a day. 
  • Her language is blossoming and we are amazed at the new words that suddenly come out of her mouth. 
  • As with any typical two year old, she is testing the boundaries to see how we respond in different environments and situations. Consistency is key here and the more consistent we are in our expectations and responses the more quickly she seems to learn appropriate behavior. 
  • 26 pounds 4 ounces and 35.25 inches tall :)

We sure love you, Camille. We praise and thank God for you and feel beyond blessed to be your parents! Happy 2nd birthday! 


  1. Happy, happy 2nd birthday, sweet Camille! We love you!

  2. Happy birthday to Camille! What a cutie she is!

  3. Happy birthday, sweet girl! I'm glad she has discovered that carbs and cheese are the two most important food categories :)


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