Friday, November 21, 2014

Weekend Links 11/21/14

Have a great weekend!

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Special Needs
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When Your Child Receives Another New Diagnosis 
The Ultimate Sensory Christmas Gifts Guide for Kids 

And for all you locals, we hope to see you tonight at the Sugar Land Greatwood Chickfila between 5-8pm for Clara's Spirit Night (its a come and go, you don't have to stay that entire time!). We we will gathering together to celebrate Clara and bring some awareness to Cohen Syndrome and just enjoy a fun, relaxed evening together. Just remember to stick your receipt in the Spirit Night Box on the counter (either near the register or condiments) or if you prefer to drive thru, just ask the attendant that they place the receipt in the box. Easy peasy! Great excuse to order all your fried favorites!! I'm looking at you chicken nuggets. All money raised will go directly to the Cohen Syndrome Association. Yummy food for a great cause!

And this cutie would sure appreciate the loving . . .

Thank you for all the love and support!


  1. Ahhh I love that picture!! I hope the CFA night is a huge success!!

  2. You're not going to let your kids eat fried food, are you?!

    JK, obviously :) See you (and those chicken nuggets) tonight!


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